How to Let Your Heart be Light this Holiday Season


It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and lose sight of everything joyful and wonderful that is right in front of us.


Can you relate?


While this holiday season might look different than in years past, we still have the same opportunity to either walk it out frantic and frenzied or calm and joyful. Yes, we always have a choice, and this year I want to encourage you to make the very intentional choice to let your heart be light.


Every year we can choose to either let the holiday season be an amazing, magical time spent with loved ones or a crazy, hectic time of stress and chaos. Sometimes, it can be both … but I know that none of us *want* it to be stressful and hurried.


Hands holding hot cup of coffee. Hygge background. Christmas mood.


So, how can you reduce holiday stress, be present in the moment, and truly enjoy everything about the season? I have a few tips for you today that I’d love for you to try and see how it helps you this season.


  1. Be realistic with your schedule. 

You can’t, and don’t need to, do EVERYTHING. For real. You aren’t meant to, and no one needs you to. The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to keep the main things the main things and shelve the rest. Leave extra space to move a little slower and allow for more breathing room. You will thank yourself later for it!


2. Ink in time for things that fill you up.

It’s easy to get carried away, making everyone else a priority and forgetting to make intentional time to fill you back up doing things that make you happy. Have this holiday season be different. Take yourself on a date to a museum or even enjoy a long phone conversation with an old friend. Maybe even finish that crafting project you started last year! Whatever you do, ink these things into your schedule regularly to stay centered and be ready to keep giving with a joyful heart.


3. Practice gratitude daily.

Try to make note of the little things that make you smile … a note from a dear friend, your kids helping make cookies, getting to sleep in an extra hour, listening to your favorite song while you work …. Life is made up of moments, be sure to notice them, and even keep a gratitude log to help you stay thankful in the midst of the busy.


4. Fuel your body well.

Holiday food is the best, but don’t get too crazy.

Sugar intake can lead to feeling depressed, bloated, and stressed out, especially if that is all you’ve eaten in the last five hours. Make sure that you are still getting your nutrients in! You need the greens and protein all year long, and while the plate of sugar cookies and pumpkin pie looks amazing, make sure that you don’t over-do it. Balance is key, and maybe even try to make some healthier treats this year!


5. Don’t let other people’s expectations ruin your holiday.

At its core, this time of year is about togetherness, and while that may look different for many of us, that doesn’t mean it needs to be any less special.

Remember, you are not in charge of making sure that everyone’s holiday is perfect. All you need to do is your best to stay present and savor every single moment … even if it isn’t what you had hoped it would be.


6. Be kind to yourself with self-care.

Switching up your self-care routine for winter can be really fun!

Instead of continuing what you usually do (taking a bath, giving yourself a facial, having some reading time to yourself, etc.), add some seasonal flare. Light seasonal scented candles, make your favorite Christmas cookies with a loved one, watch Christmas movies together, or even send out some Christmas cards or letters.


Find things to implement that you love that remind you that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

All of these tips will help you to let your heart be light this holiday season.


white and silver Christmas ornaments on a bed of soft snowEnjoy every snowflake,

every giggle,

every coffee,

every shopping trip,

every day spent baking and drinking cocoa with loved ones.


That is what you are in charge of, Friend! Give you and your people the gift of togetherness, being present, your generosity and your loving heart. THAT is how you can help others have a happy holiday season, beating the busy while you’re at it.