Final Thoughts of 2020


What final thoughts of 2020 have you been left harboring?


Large 2021 numbers silhouetted on a hilltop with the sun rising behind it and a person standing tall as the number 1


I struggled with what to write as my first post for the year. I wanted to start with a dynamic and heartfelt post. I felt obligated to join in the cancel culture mentality of throwing away 2020 with starting fresh in 2021. I’ve seen so many great reflective posts about the year and wanted to be one of them. But, this post focuses on the beauty of day-to-day life.



Last year started rough. My kids were displaced from daycare, which ended up being a total blessing in disguise for us. Initially, it had to be one of the hardest things I had to explain to my kids, that they would no longer be able to engage with the teachers and friends they loved so much. But Luna was surprisingly ecstatic to leave that school. Her enthusiasm made this transition so much easier for me.


Shortly after that obstacle, COVID hit! Whew, chile, no one was prepared for that horror. We have all been impacted so differently. I can briefly share the challenges my family has faced during this season.


Two weeks into the pandemic, my husband lost his job. This affected my family tremendously, primarily because of investments we decided to make at the beginning of the year. My faith was stretched during this time.


Of course, I thought that things couldn’t get any worse than this. HA! Chile, things just continued to spiral for my family. The next thing that shook me to my core was my mom getting COVID. I thought my world officially collapsed in. She got it when everything initially shut down. Day after day, I saw the numbers skyrocket. When I got the call that she was in the hospital with it, my heart sank. My dad and my sister remained positive and focused on everything they would do with her once she made it home. All of me wanted to go to Chicago to be with them, but I knew that wasn’t wise. I felt cornered in and at a loss of what to do.


Every day my mom was in the hospital, I called her. We prayed, laughed, and shared so many memories. Before I knew it, she called me saying she was on the road to recovery and got released to quartine at home. That final phone call was sweet music to my ears!


a heart carved into a tree, and painted redMonths after my mom recovered from COVID, my dad lost his sight and was blind for months. For some odd reason, by the time this happened in the year, I wasn’t angry; I wasn’t afraid. I felt hope again. My faith had increased, and I honestly felt prepared. I knew that no matter what the outcome was, my husband, our babies, my mom, and my sister all uplifted me. I could pour into my parents and my sister as we believed for my dad to see again.


I’m happy to say my dad has sight again. Although he has low vision, we are thankful. He has regained a sense of independence. The time of total blindness was rough on my family. But, we fought through and leaned on each other.


These were some of the trying times I faced this year. Of course, there were many more. But, when I look back at everything, I’m not full of fear nor anger. Yet, I’m full. Full of thankfulness! It’s the little things for me, sis! I have never been more thankful to be alive, to be able to breathe, to see, etc.! The biggest take away for me of 2020 was being intentional. Throughout this year, I can say that I have dedicated myself to it. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so we have to take advantage of it today— however
that may look like for you. For me, my faith in God went to a new level. I fostered a new love for my family and life.



graffiti on a metal cylinder that says, :Love Life" as the sun is setting behind it


I look at where I started and can’t believe everything that I overcame. Had someone told me how gracefully I would have left 2020, I would have said they were insane!


Here’s to 2021! Looking forward to more intentionality and a better version of me!