Feeding Your Children: Tips, Ideas and Immune Support


I’ve had more mothers asking me what I feed my children than ever. It surely can’t be because of my cooking skills, and the way my meals look isn’t incredibly appetizing either. Rather, I’m gathering that mothers are getting more and more interested in building their children’s immunity and health. Now that’s something I can help you accomplish! Below are my tips and experience with feeding children— ideas and immune support info included.


I have a four-year-old who spent previous years as a very sick child. He caught illnesses very easily. We’ve taken a handful of trips to the ER for breathing treatments, and his colds seemed to hit him harder than most his age. I know I’m talking to all mothers when I say this; seeing your child struggle is torturous. 


In his fourth year of life, however, specifically the past four months, he has made tremendous improvements. I took him to the chiropractor to get his nervous system back in line and functioning properly, and I changed his diet. The latter being one of the most crucial parts to his healing, in my experience and observations. 

I started focusing on foods that nourished him via a pro-metabolic diet and lifestyle. It’s easy. It’s simple. It makes physiological sense. I even transitioned to eating this way, along with my entire family. 


Pro-metabolic eating simply means prioritizing foods that are bioavailable, meaning the foods and their nutrients are easily digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body for energy.


It’s not about being skinny or about restriction. It’s about nourishment! That’s what my child needed; nourishment and cell development support. In doing so, we were able to strengthen every organ in his body, he was sleeping longer and deeper, he’s recovered from colds in just a few days, and on top of that, his temperament subsided. It’s amazing what happens when we nourish our bodies.





It’s true. You can’t control everything. There will be birthdays, crazy weeks, late mornings, etc. But here are a few things I focus on when creating meals for my children and me:


        1. Protein, carb, fat: a balance of these macronutrients supports their blood sugar and helps them avoid energy crashes (hello emotions).
        2. Eating 5-6 times a day: before you freak out, I’m referring to three meals a day with snacks in between, including before bed, to keep them satiated and promote deep sleep. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, bedtime snack.
          • Snack ideas: fruit and cheese, beef stick and fruit, smoothie, muffin, and gelatin gummies. All of these options have a protein, carb, and healthy fat.
        3. Focus on quality meats: if there was one food item to focus on in regards to quality, it’s the meat. Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free are all good words to look for. There is a lot of hard-momma research behind this point here. Quality meats, I’m talking from your local farmer, are the most bioavailable sources of protein for our children. Protein is the building blocks of their brain health, heart health, cell health, and their blood health!
        4. Make meals in bulk: this is just a convenience tip. Use the leftovers as breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 
        5. Listen to their cravings: if they ask for sugary foods, that means their body is asking for more sugar (energy). Junk food? It’s their body signaling that they need more of it, more healthy fats, more nutrients. Children are very intuitional!
        6. I’ll send some links your way; trust me, they are worth the read.
          • A momma-made meal plan I follow: https://fallonstable.com
          • A helpful Podcast from pro-metabolic mommas: https://anchor.fm/kori-meloy/episodes/Respectful-Parenting–Simplifying-Kids-Nutrition-e10g0b5
          • Pro-metabolic gut healing tips: https://simplholistic.org/how-to-actually-heal-your-gut/
          • Blog, book, and a great resource for pro-metabolic eating: https://katedeering.com/2014/06/my-top-12-metabolic-supportive-foods-2/


If I may, I do this because it’s how my brain works. Let me break it down in very simple terms for you. We’re focusing on protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and less processed foods (even those that claim to be nutritious)! 



Protein: quality meats, clean sources of yogurt, milk, cheese, shrimp, shellfish, collagen, and beef gelatin 

Carbohydrates: fruit, honey, milk, sprouted grains, and sourdough bread

Fats: dairy, fat from quality meats(very nutrient-dense), avocado, coconut oil, butter, and tallows


These are the building blocks to cell health in our bodies and overall wellness for our sweet children, who honestly, are going through a lot these days. I hope these words help you, heal you and heal your children. We went back to basics in terms of eating, and we’re never going back. Thanks for reading! I hope you are well and don’t forget to read the articles about eating metabolically. I’m not an expert; I’m just benefitting, as are my children, from these experts sharing their knowledge. 


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. This is simply my personal experience that I am sharing with you all. Thanks!


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