Dye-Free, Clean Snacks + Treats (without sacrificing the taste!)


Looking for dye-free and clean snacks that taste GOOD? Jennifer has got you covered!


Hey all! I am always looking for dye-free, better snack and candy alternatives and wanted to share a few of our favorites with you. We also have an egg allergy and a cashew/pistachio allergy in the house, so I do have to read labels carefully. Did you know if you are allergic to cashews, you are automatically allergic to pistachios? The more you know 🙂 

A bit of background

  • My oldest son is allergic to cashews and pistachios, so we really have to look closely at many vegan products as they use cashews as a replacement for milk/dairy.
  • My youngest has an egg allergy (can be in baked goods if the 3rd ingredient, but to be honest, if I can avoid it, I do). He did have a milk allergy that he grew out of, but I still believe he is sensitive so I try and avoid it for him.

YUMEARTH clean snacks and gummies

I gathered a few allergy-friendly options/dye-free/gluten-free snacks and treats so you don’t have to spend time searching! All are dye-free, but some may not be allergy-friendly.

Red Dye 40 is a synthetic food coloring that is commonly used in many processed foods, including candy, snacks, and drinks. Studies have linked this food additive to hyperactivity in children, as well as other health issues. I started reading labels carefully and looking for alternative products that did not contain this additive.

It isn’t easy, but if I plan ahead for holidays and birthdays, I can grab some better options. Look for products labeled as “dye-free” or “all-natural,” a lot can be found at Thrive Market or the company’s website directly.

Here are some of my favorite snacks and candy that the kids don’t even notice the difference!


Birthday Treats for Classroom

Red Plate Foods Vanilla Cupcakes (add your own sprinkles to the top to fancify them). I actually really like them!

Britt’s Bakehouse – located in Kirkwood


Easter Candy

Yum Earth Easter Bunny Gummy Fruits – these are the boys’ favorites!

Yum Earth Easter Giggles Chewy Candy

Yum Earth Organic Chewys

*I do not recommend the sour giggles



UNreal brand – I have tried multiple items from this brand and have really enjoyed them— especially the dark chocolate coconut bars.

UNREAL dark chocolate clean snacks



The Good Crisp Company (Pringle alternative)

Pirates Booty

Smartfood White Cheddar

FitJoy Grain Free Pretzels Tangy Dijon – oddly my 6-year-old loves these

Heavenly Hunks Gluten Free Bites

Made Good brand – my kids specifically love the granola minis but not a fan of the crispy treats.

These are just a FEW of the alternatives I have found and have been happy with! Let me know what swaps you have made and have loved.



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