Ready to Dive In? Goldfish Swim School to the Rescue


My main reason for wanting my boys to take swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School was because last summer, we moved into a house with a large above the ground pool, and I was terrified of the safety concerns. Like most 5-year-olds, my little one tends to be impulsive, and I envisioned him not making the safest choices if I had my back turned for a few too many seconds.

We went into swim lessons hoping to learn basic skills, have fun, and gain a sense of confidence in learning in a new skill. We accomplished much more than I had anticipated! I was a bit nervous even walking into our first lesson because my boys tend to be a handful. Everyone on staff at the Warson Woods location was wonderful!

This may sound like a little thing, but being able to watch the boys from just a few feet away through the glass was perfect for us. My kids tend to get extremely anxious if they can’t physically see me, and this set-up allowed them to turn around every once in a while to see that I was still there watching them. This also allows them to stay as focused as they can on their instructor. Another thing that was imperative for us was the small class sizes. There were four kiddos in our classes, which allowed them to socialize with others and still get plenty of one-on-one attention.

My oldest kiddo was thrilled to practice swimming, while my youngest was hesitant about the water. Their instructor did a wonderful job meeting each kiddo where they were at in their skills. As a parent, I was glad to see that Goldfish Swim School also had Deck Supervisors and lifeguards on the pool deck in addition to all of the instructors to ensure lesson quality and safety of all the kiddos in the pool. They do that not only to see the increase in skill level but also to keep everyone safe. One of my kiddos had such a tough time staying at the wall when it wasn’t his turn, and the staff handled each occasion swiftly to ensure he was safe and could participate when his listening ears turned back on. 

I’m pretty sure the look on my 7-year-old’s face when he got his first ribbon says it all. He was beaming, he was so proud of himself. My kids loved their swim lessons and we can’t wait to return. Until then, they both have the basic skills to swim safely in our pool and feel good about themselves for learning something new and challenging themselves! 

Mention St. Louis Mom for a Free Trial Lesson at Goldfish Swim School – Warson Woods during the month of October!