Change: The New Four-Letter Word


What has 2020 brought us if not change?! A wrench has been thrown in our vacations, schooling, careers, friendships, community … to name just a few.


Time for Change painted across a road that leads to a sunset


I can’t say I’ve handled every change 2020 has put in my path with grace. There have been tears. There’s been denial. There’s been optimism. There’s been Negative Nancy-ism. There’s been anxiety (oh, the anxiety!).  My emotions and mental state have run the entirety of the rainbow.


I know, I know. Change is a part of life. But in a year where change has been coming at lightning speed – how can we cope? Here are some steps I’ve been working on:


  1. Acknowledgment

I had to acknowledge that things are changing and will continue to do so. No matter how much I wanted to dig my heels in and hold on tight to what used to be – it just wasn’t possible.


  1. Flex and adapt

Once I threw up my hands and said, “Fine! I see you, Change!” I was able to roll with the punches, if you will, much better. I continue to strive to be flexible and look at change as my dance partner vs. my mortal enemy.


  1. Choose some things that stay the same

Our family thrives on routine. So when that routine turned over on its head, we looked to the few things we could keep the same. One was family dinners. This has always been a must-do for our clan, and we keep that going. No phones. No tablets. Just family and conversation.


a family sitting around the table, eating dinner


Another is workout time. To keep our sanity (and our waistlines) on an even plane, my husband and I make sure to carve out time to exercise. Thankfully we have a set up in our basement, so that makes things a bit more convenient. But on the days we couldn’t step away to get ‘er done, we try to take a family walk. Regardless of what you do – it’s important to get moving!


  1. Seek Positivity

In all this change – we need to find the good stuff! How have you grown during this enormous season of change? What has changed for the good? Have you discovered a new talent? Tapped into a strength you didn’t know you had? Made a connection? Had a re-awakening? Were you able to drink your coffee while it was hot?! The good doesn’t have to be earth-shattering – the smallest good can make the biggest difference.


2020’s change has brought me a stronger marriage. We’ve laughed more, shared more, supported more than we ever have (and we’ve been through some tough times!). If/When we head back to our respective offices, I’m going to miss hearing Brad’s voice at the other end of the house. I’ll miss sneaking a quick lunch together or being able to bounce off an idea with him right then and there. I’ve really liked hanging out with my husband!


  1. Give yourself Grace

This last one is the most important. Be kind to yourself. If you need to cry, then gosh darn – you cry! If you need ten minutes of solitude and that requires putting the TV on for your kiddos – you are still a great mom! Change can be hard. It can break us down but, you know what? The human spirit is amazingly resilient. And you are, too.