Be Patient With Yourself As You Evolve, Mama



It’s h a r d  to live in a society where the expectations surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are …


… instant, now, needed it yesterday, give me the 3-step formula, take the magic pill, oh it’s easy, my five-year-old can do it, suck it up, I did it so can you.


Are you with me on this? 


Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, we want it all right now, and we all feel the urgency our “instant” culture puts on us.


But please hear me today, mama …


It’s okay to stop and breathe and take a minute to get centered. 


It’s okay to go at your own pace; give yourself some space from people, places, or things that are keeping you from loving your journey. 


AND it’s 100% okay to be patient with yourself as you evolve. 


Do you need to read that again? Yeah, me too. 


Please, dear friend, be patient with yourself as you evolve. 



a red flower bud



Because …


Anything that’s worth having isn’t instant like the world wants you to believe. It took time to get to the place where you are now and it will take time to undo unhealthy habits to get to where you want to be.


Yes, it will be hard and uncomfortable, but in those rough spaces is where the true magic of lasting change happens.


Keep in mind that becoming healthier, more balanced, and more positive takes time. The habits required to achieve these goals require practice. Please, be patient with yourself.


Peaceful woman leaning against a tree with her eyes closed


At the same time, it’s your responsibility and your opportunity to take care of your life one healthy choice at a time. Up until now, I know that it’s been rough. You might have felt out of control or like you have the deck stacked against you every single day. But please, just know that NOW you can choose differently— because you can choose for right now to be a new beginning. 


It’s time to listen to yourself.


Tune in to what your body is asking of you. Turn up the volume on your positive self-talk. The conversations you have with yourself (that no one else hears) set the tone for your attitude and perspective each day. Tuning in to your body and turning up the volume on your positive self-talk will impact each and every small choice you make.


I made this list for all of us … all of us living each day, doing the best we can so that we can be all that we need to be for ourselves and our people- big and tiny. 


Please read along with me. Out loud, if that helps … 


I love and accept myself.

I allow myself to be unique.

I love that my family’s journey is unique. 

I celebrate that I am beautiful, inside and out. 

I deserve to take up space in every space I find myself in.

I am intentional about every choice.

Peace begins in me. 

I appreciate everything I have.

I believe in myself

Today is going to be a great day. 

I am worthy. 

I deserve kindness. 

I am lovable. 

I have the power to create change.

I live free of worry and regret. 

My possibilities are endless. 

I can reach my goals.

I have many talents. 

I am safe.

I am filled with love and compassion. 

I embrace all of who I am. 

I am resilient. 

I am cherished. 

I am stronger than my strongest excuse. 

I am right where I am supposed to be. 


How did that feel? You can read these however often you need them. Screen shot them and put them however many places you might need them at a moment’s notice. Say them out loud over yourself every morning and say them over your people. 


We all need all of the help we can get to live centered and strong, and I will tell you that speaking love and truth over yourself will help you more than anything else to be patient with yourself as you evolve. 


And please … 


Keep the idea of small, healthy choices making big differences in mind as you go throughout your day and your week … because it’s true. This life is a marathon, not a sprint. Decide what small, healthy choices you can incorporate into your life. Don’t try to change everything all at once; it will overwhelm you. Instead, take small steps, make small, healthy choices, and reap BIG rewards in the long run.


a sketch of a flower encircled by the words, “be patient with yourself"


Now get going, dear friend! The rest of your day awaits you, and YOU GOT THIS!