A Mid-Year Reset to Finish the Year With Intention for You and Your Kids



J U N E  G L O O M is absolutely 100% a thing.


Did you feel it too, mama?


I did, although mine might look different than yours.


You see, my littles are big now, having their own littles.


But I remember what it was like to feel this back then. And while it feels different now, it still shows up as gloom.


I think you might know what I’m talking about.


January starts off strong and with so much promise as the New Year brings with it all kinds of possibilities. We set goals and resolutions, and find our “word of the year.” And we decide that this is the year. The year we finally write that book, clean out the garage, do that whole30 thing everyone’s raving about, the year of gentleness or courage or whatever YOUR intention is.


And then spring comes, color blooms, and we’re still feeling pretty good about having most of the year still ahead of us to accomplish so many things …


But time passes, and all of a sudden, we realize that half the year is practically over already!


How did that happen? Can you relate?


We’ve gotten slightly off course from all we had hoped for. We’ve taken on too many things, have gotten distracted, or we’ve let others make too many decisions for us, and we wonder if it’s too late to get back to the excitement and promise January once offered.


Have no fear, mama. At any point, you can take a deep breath, give yourself a little margin and work through a few simple steps I have for you today to complete a mid-year reset.  I promise that they are totally doable, but, as always, your results will depend on taking some action.  


(and I highly recommend you do this for YOU before you bring the kids on board and help walk them through it – mentoring and modeling the process.)


Playful happy mom giving a piggyback to her little happy daughter and playing to fly in the living room




You know those goals, resolutions, plans, and words we talked about from the beginning of the year? Go back to them. What was going on in December of last year or early January when you were picking a focus, theme, or setting goals for the year? They must have seemed important at the time, or you wouldn’t have set the intention of working towards those goals.


Pull out your journal, planner, or list. Re-read your thoughts and ideas, and take some time to sit with them for a bit. Maybe life has just gotten really busy lately, but those dreams are still tugging at your heart. Remember … a temporary pause is not the same as a full stop. 


Ask: What was my motivation for making this happen? 




So … it’s now mid-year and not January, and you are very literally in a different season than you were at the beginning of the year. Perhaps you’re also in a different season of life, at work, or with other commitments you’ve taken on.


You must take a moment to consider if your goals from months ago are still relevant. Are there new goals that you should be focusing on or adjustments to the original ones that would be more appropriate for your current season? Or is the problem maybe that the goals are still relevant, but YOU have lost some momentum?


Get a clear view about where you are today and what it would take for you to have a successful second half of the year. Give yourself permission to make adjustments to your original plans as needed. 


Ask: What season am I in right now, and how does that impact my goals for the rest of the year? 




Maybe your original word of the year is still on point, or your resolutions are still valid but they need a little update. It’s time to take your original word, goals, and resolutions and give them a little makeover.


How can you make them more applicable to where you are today and the direction you want to be heading in for the remainder of the year? Consider building on your original goals or refocusing on your word or theme. Get creative. Perhaps posting visual reminders or coming up with new incentives can help you to refocus and see the opportunities in the months ahead. 


Ask: What would be most helpful right now to accomplish my goals? 




Maybe your original goals just don’t seem realistic anymore. I know that’s happened to me a time or two …


If that’s the case, take some time to make adjustments. What would work instead? Or are the goals still attainable, but maybe you need to rethink your strategy? What small changes can you make to reach your goals or stay in alignment with your desired plans for the rest of the year? 


Ask: What needs to change in order to get where I want to be? 




Please hear me … it’s not too late to get back on track.


If you’ve lost some momentum, don’t get discouraged. There is still plenty of time to reach your goals or set new ones. But please make it a priority to DO one thing today, just one that will get you going and build on that. Just get moving so you don’t find yourself in the middle of FALL, wondering where the year went and why you didn’t start making changes sooner. 


Ask: How will I feel at the end of this year if I continue to drift away rather than get closer to accomplishing my goals or living out my intentions? How will I feel if I keep going with a strong plan of action?



two hands holding a clapper board on a white background


Remember, every single day is a new day to begin again. Don’t pile on too much… keep it all simple and celebrate even the smallest wins. You can totally do this, and your littles can, too.


Consider this ACT 2 of your year and know that the best is still to come!




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