Love Is In The Air: At-Home Date Nights For You and Your Valentine


February is the perfect month to plan some at-home date nights!


Ahhhh, February! The second month of the year, or as some see it, the month of love. Beyond love, February, especially Valentine’s Day, gives us all a time to pause and share our appreciation or gratitude for those in our lives.


In years past, we could easily go to our favorite restaurant or travel to get some self care and relaxation; but with the current times, having options for an at-home celebration can be just as fun. So, if you’re looking for some safe options to shake up your date night, look no further.


Here are five ways to show your partner that they’re still the one.


Burning Love

No restaurant reservations? No problem. Trying a virtual cooking class, whether live or on-demand, can help get your flame going again. You’ll just have to decide who’s the head chef and who will play the role of sous chef, but either way, it’s a great way to up your cooking game. If you’re local to the St. Louis region, Dierbergs offers a one-of-kind experience getting both your meal kit and access to their virtual cooking class on February 13th. Out of the area? Check out Masterclass, where world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck are hosting their own courses. Choose a cuisine, pick up the ingredients in advance and get to chopping!


Red, Red Wine

Any wine lovers out there? Create both a shopping and tasting experience as you become an at-home sommelier. Using a printable wine scoring card like this one from blogger OneFlyMama, choose six wines from your local wine shop for your tasting guide. Blindfold you and your partner, rating each wine and guessing your favorites. Need something to savor while sipping? Add some charcuterie by learning how to make your own, by my beloved That Cheese Plate’s Cheese By Numbers, or order a box through local supplier, Charcu in the Lou, so you both can snack while you sip.


Sugar, Sugar

We love a good movie night, especially when I can pick my favorite rom-com! #winwin Where are my Notebook fans at? Our favorite way to make a movie night even more cozy is to add a special snack. Set up an ice cream bar with as many toppings as you like with your preferred ice cream. Our preferred ice cream? We love Clementines! Enjoy from the couch or get even comfier. Blow up the air mattress in your family or living room, dim the lights and make it your own personal theater. 


Love is a Battlefield

Have a competitive spirit in your relationship? Then you’ll love a good whodunit with a virtual murder mystery. There are many options available for download on Esty, even Valentine’s day options like these. Play alone or invite other couples to join via Zoom to test your inner sleuth. It’s sure to make you put your thinking cap on and hopefully keep you from pointing fingers.


Still The One

Feeling crafty? Join a paint and sip class but do it in the comfort of your own home. Many painting studios are offering virtual classes so you can still tap into your inner Picasso but in a guided way. Places like Pinot’s Palette offer a plethora of scenes, giving you the option to do curbside, contactless pick-up. Or just drop in on the class if you have your supplies, which you can purchase at a local craft store. Just another way to get your creative juices flowing and reconnect!


Hoping these ideas give you a safe, special way to celebrate V-day and keep you crazy in love! Happy Valentine’s Day!