Celebrity Crushes and the Lists We Make :: How They Impact a Marriage



Celebrity crushes. Got any?


I’ve been married for a long time— a really, really long time. Over the many years, my husband and I have joked about our “celebrity crush lists,” basically celebrities we wouldn’t blame each other for running away with if we had the chance. And when I say, “running away with,” you know what I mean.


Now, don’t be jealous, but I have had a few brushes with fame, and I’m still here, with my hubby, which says a lot about the bond between us. Allow me to share my stories with you.


My first run-in with someone from my “list” wasn’t exactly “in-person.” But that doesn’t make it any less meaningful.


See, I had this dream. I was on a houseboat, on a lake, with George Clooney. (Hey- I told you I’ve been married a long time). George and I were sipping wine, enjoying the sunset, when all of a sudden, he stood up, ripped off his clothes, and jumped into the lake. I, of course, was reaching for the wine bottle at the time, so all I saw was a big splash. (Even on a subconscious level, I was respectful of my vows— dang it!!!).


a houseboat on a lake as the sun is setting


As George treaded water, he beckoned me to join him. I set my wine glass down, dabbed at the corners of my mouth with my napkin, stood up, and said, “I’m sorry, George … I can’t. I’m married.”


I woke up, realized it was just a dream … and THEN realized that oh yes, I COULD have, and I was ticked. Like, deep-down-in-my-soul ticked. If it weren’t for those dang vows, I could have had an uh-mazing dream. I told my husband about it the next morning, and then barely talked to him for three days. He gave me the space I needed to heal, and then we put it behind us, rarely speaking of it again.


My next brush with fame was not mine, per se, but it was still MINE. See, my husband was in Vegas on business. He worked out in the hotel gym and then got in the elevator to head back to his room. Who was in the elevator with him, but Matt Damon. No joke. Apparently, he was in town filming one of the Bourne movies. The first thing my husband told me was that Matt is shorter in person than you realize in the movies (clearly, his insecurities were showing, poor guy).


So at first, my husband quietly pushed the button for his floor and watched the door close. Then, he busted out laughing, turned to Matt Damon and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m in an elevator with Matt Damon. This is my wife’s ultimate fantasy. And she’s not even here!” as he kept laughing. Matt awkwardly chuckled, the elevator stopped, and he got off. However, I’d like to point out that for a split second, even without knowing me, Matt Damon thought about me, even if very vaguely, and my husband was the guy who mentioned me to him. What a guy.


Matt Damon holding a Golden Globe
fancy hotel elevators


My third brush with fame was my closest one. This was about nine years ago, and again, it was in Vegas. My husband works in tech sales, and one of his business partners invited him to a kick-off event. I was invited along and enjoyed a few quiet days by the hotel pool with fruity drinks and some good books. To wrap up the week, the company sponsoring the event had a private concert. Not just any concert … Maroon Five. Now, I’ll admit, Adam Levine is not my type on his own, but Adam Levine singing about love, well, it gets him on the list. Barely, but still.


Adam Levine singing at a private concertAnyway, as I mentioned before, this was a tech sales event. Most of the people there for business didn’t know who Maroon Five was and didn’t care to go to the show. That means there were maybe 100 people in the room watching the concert. Again, tech sales event … and in this case, most of the attendees were middle-aged men. So when I told my hubby that it felt like Adam was singing directly to me, well, he was. He didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone else. Adam even commented between songs that he’d never played for a room full of mostly men before, and as soon as their set was done, they were out of there — no encore. But, when he belted out, “and she will be loved,” that was all for me. And hubby made the whole experience possible by bringing me along.


Okay, fine. Maybe my brushes with fame were more like distant glimpses if you’re squinting and catch them at just the right angle. But there is one constant throughout, and that is that my husband gets me. He humors me, and he indulges me. And I do the same for him. Sure— we drive each other crazy much of the time, and often, we come at things from completely opposite corners, but we meet in the middle. We don’t always agree when we get there, but we still come together. So he will watch me pout about Clooney, be wistful over Damon, and swoon for Levine.


But do you know what? You could give me George, Matt, and Adam all together, and I’d still refuse to jump off the boat. Because what I have is a thousand times better. 



Adding Ryan Reynolds to the mix

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Who is your celebrity crush?
Do you have a celebrity wish list?

Come on, I’ve bared it all (maybe not as much as George, but still … ), so share yours below!