10 Acts of Kindness To Share This Holiday Season


I know I’m not the only one to say this, but it’s been a year full of trials. Our resilience has been put to the test, especially as mothers. With the energy we’re giving out, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for some brightness! So, let’s share some. Don’t worry, I did all the brainstorming for you, all you have to do is execute. Below are ten acts of kindness you can do for someone around you who might need a little boost.


Before I begin, have you noticed there are more Christmas lights put up around the neighborhood than there were last year? Maybe friends and family are calling you more than usual? What about the number of people who are trying to smile under their masks?  It’s almost as if everyone needs a little more twinkle in their life this season. 


*don’t forget your strong friends*



During some of my toughest times this year, I can vividly remember moments where people, friends, and family lifted my spirits, some without even knowing they did so. So call it spreading holiday cheer, doing a good deed, or just being kind; nonetheless, everyone is fighting their own battles, and a little kindness never hurt anyone. 


Skim through this list, and if something or someone pops up in your head, don’t let that thought go. Take action. Again, it doesn’t have to be big, but you never know who might need saving from the darkness that we’ve all felt this year. 


  1. Make a meal or send a meal. There’s a double win here. You can support a small business and drop off a warm meal for a momma who’s just tired: Olive+Oak burgers, Pastaria pasta dish, Duffy’s pizza, and  house salad. It is truly a gift to not have any dishes after dinner.
  2. Share something funny. Did something funny happen to you? Or maybe you laughed out loud at a meme this morning? Pass it on. Laughter is the best medicine. 
  3. Call just to say hi. Everyone has had their fair share of isolation this year. Calling just to say hi makes it feel like we’re living life together, going through the twists and turns together, and not doing it all by ourselves. 
  4. Dish out a compliment. Did you appreciate his kindness at the register? Let him know. I bet you remember the last time someone complimented you out of the blue. It sticks. 
  5. Write a letter. One of the most classic acts of kindness. Who doesn’t love snail mail? Share a poem, a quote, or even a recipe. There’s no denying that the time and effort it takes to write a letter, stamp it, and send it makes something small seem incredibly special. 
  6. Do a fun activity together. Walking around the Kirkwood farmers market during this time of year is dreamy! St. Charles has a gorgeous downtown during the holidays, too. Sharing in joy or sharing in hardship is comforting, and regardless of the side you’re on, we all can benefit from some extra fellowship.
  7. Share something happy and positive on social media. Wow, this tip made a difference for me. I’ve noticed the people who have resorted to positivity instead of trying to be right, proving a point, or fighting back on social media. It’s opened my eyes and changed my perspective in many instances. Shameless plug: follow me on  Instagram. I try to be positive as much as I can because of the way others made me feel with their positivity.
  8. Smile! It’s one of the easiest acts of kindness in the book. It’s scientifically proven that the act of smiling can lift your mood within seconds. It’s such a small task but really makes a big difference not just for others, but also for yourself.
  9. Have a meal together over FaceTime/Zoom. This was so fun when we did it! We placed our friends in their seats and even set the table for them. It was like we were dining with one another; it was even more fun because we just kept laughing at how silly it seemed. Nonetheless, it was a grand ole time.
  10. Hug longer than usual. In those moments where you do get to be around your loved ones, make your hugs count, and don’t be afraid to linger. Eight seconds to be exact. Hugging for eight full seconds is proven to calm the central nervous system and release oxytocin, thus increases your feel-good hormones…something we could all use an extra splash of these days.


You might even be surprised at what happens when you find yourself thinking of how you can help other people more often than not. I’ve seen it create a mindset shift in myself, one that I was not expecting. When you think about it, it’s the acts of kindness that make the world go round. 


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