That’s Trendy! Wide Leg Crop Pants Edition – Part One


Welcome to That’s Trendy! where we showcase the latest fashion trends. I go on the hunt and entertain you with selfies in the name of trendiness. *strikes superwoman pose*

This month I tackle wide-leg crop pants. They’re showing up in my e-mail, Instagram, and in storefronts. The pants are versatile; dress them up with heels or a wedge for a fancy-pants spin or dress them down with sneakers for a more casual vibe.  

For size reference, I’m 5’6” and a consistent size 6/28 in pants. So let’s dive in!


Oh, GAP. *flashback to gawky teenage years* These days, I’m not normally a GAP shopper. I may find some gems here and there but it’s not a MUST visit.

I still get their e-mails because, why not? AND GAP has consistently good discounts. Maybe out of desperation, maybe generosity. Who knows. Here’s what I found:

Pants: size 6     Shirt: my own 

I saw these high rise wide-leg crop chino pants in the window. So I decided to give them a whirl. Did I love them? Meh. I needed to size down to a 4. I liked the high waist and that the pink wasn’t see-through. But I had A LOT of room in my waist. And while the pants look like they are pulling at my hips – they actually weren’t tight at all.

Pants: size 6   Top: small

These linen high rise wide-leg crops weren’t horrible. I liked them better than the chinos and I appreciated the elastic waistband in the back! I did need to size down one. They had potential but then I thought of all the ironing I would have to do to make them look presentable. No, thank you.

This white eyelet embroidered top had pretty detailing. But it has this weird elastic neck that I kept pulling and scratching at my collar bone. If the neckline was normal I think this top could have been a winner.

Jumpsuit: size small

Slight detour with this cropped wide leg jumpsuit. My love for jumpsuits has no end. They don’t always work on me – but I never stop trying! A ribbed knit material; uber comfy and not itchy. The color was not doing me any favors – I have too much pink in my skin – but I liked the v-neck and the fact that there was some stretch. Comes in more colors online.

Jumpsuit: size small

This jumpsuit I considered buying! A  light, flowy feel since the fabric is a modal weave. The v-neck had a clasp to keep the girls modestly covered; which I appreciated. The elastic waist and accompanying belt hit at the right spot. While simple and classic, it didn’t wow me so I passed. Online is sparse but the store I visited (West County Mall) had plenty! 


While quality has been an issue as of late, nothing will sway me from my love of J.Crew. Even better, they have also joined GAP in having sweet discounts that this shopaholic can’t pass up (although my husband would prefer I do, I’m sure.)

J.Crew has quite a few options with wide leg pants. So I tried on all the things!

Pant: Size 2   Top: size medium

The wide-leg pants in 365 crepe are superb! Structured yet flowy. Incredibly comfortable. These came home with me! SO many outfit options: graphic tee with sneakers; structured button down with heels; dressier tee (as seen) with pretty sandals… Done! The front lays nicely with an elastic waistband in the back. I originally tried a 4 thinking the waistband would give me some room. It ran bigger than expected and the 2 fit better. Ah, vanity sizing. 

But Ya’ll. This tee. It’s not your average ho-hum t-shirt. I dare say it’s the ultimate t-shirt. It’s buttahhhh soft. So soft on the skin, not too long or short or tight. I seriously told the shirt I loved her when I put it on. It’s THAT GOOD. I’m in a medium – I’m usually a small but felt the medium looked nicer. Stores carry the basic colors (black, white, blue, pink, navy) but online has more pretty colors!

Pants: size 28   Top: size medium

These washed wide-leg crop pants come in a lot of pretty colors but the fit didn’t wow me. Not in love at all. I don’t like where the crop hits my shins. The high rise is certainly nice but the leg was far too wide for my taste and I felt the pockets accentuated my hips. No Bueno.   

Stay tuned for more try-ons in That’s Trendy! Part Deux!


  1. V-neck wise leg jumpsuit is classy and dressy enough to look put together without trying hard. Looks great on you!
    Love the posts. Keep them coming!

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