Moms in the Lou: The Babbling Blondes


Hi Moms of STL!

We are so excited to be featured on St. Louis Moms Blog! You gals, STL women, are the main reason we started our blog. So let’s take a quick step back to introduce ourselves and how this all got started two years ago:

Lindsay texted Carley to look at her blog she was thinking about launching.

Carley: “Ummm love it, I wanted to start a blog too!”

Lindsay: “Pump the breaks we have to do this together”

Carley (left), Lindsay (Right)

Are you sisters?

No, we get this a lot. I think it’s just the blonde hair that’s confusing.

How long have you known each other ? 

We went to neighboring high schools (Marquette & Lafayette), so we knew of each other. We were close friends in college and “ran in the same crowd” (isn’t that what old 33-year-olds say?) Things we loved in college included: tanning/bronzer, Red Bull/vodka cocktails, and staying up until the sunrise. Things sure have changed!

How do you manage working with a close friend?

Lindsay: Set realistic goals and expectations. It was kinda crazy in the beginning. I’m an all in 24/7 kind of person which can be a little much and wasn’t realistic.

Who handles what?

Carley: We have learned to focus on areas that we are personally great at. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m the organizational guru, manage the finances, and take way better pictures. Lindsay is the brains behind the entire thing! She’s full of knowledge and has been in sales her entire life and I consider her a total #bosslady. She’s taught me a lot about running a business and reaching way beyond your dreams. She’s the biz woman that can write proper emails and the main negotiator!

Have you ever gotten in a fight?

Yep. About 2 months after starting the blog we both went silent for a few weeks. I think we were both overwhelmed and hadn’t quiet figured out our roles yet. We talked like grown-ups and agreed in order to move forward w have to talk about things instead of letting them brew inside.

Are you better friends now or before you started?

Carley: I’d say now! You learn a lot about a person when you start a business together and Lindsay is always making me laugh. It’s hard to not get caught up in the “blogger” world but one thing we always do is laugh stuff off and enjoy one another over some spicy margs 🙂

Who posts when?

This was Lindsay’s main concern in starting a blog by herself. With two of us, the work is split in half. We switch back and forth daily. We both put in the same amount of work and alternate “jobs.”

How do you balance it all?

About a year ago we decided to stop posting on the weekends to social media. We both have families and they deserve us to be present! At the end of the day family & friends are what matters most.

What about your day jobs?

Carley is a dental hygienist and Lindsay is a sales rep. Carley’s schedule is pretty consistent and on her office days she plans content ahead of time. We also work around each other’s busy days! If I have a meeting that I’ll be with customers all day then we swap days of who is posting and sharing on social media.

What’s your advice for two friends wanting to start a business?

Know that things won’t always be perfect. It’s important to be there for one another and value each others opinions. You’ll each have your time to shine and I think people appreciate each individual personality. Work hard, play hard. If you can’t have fun with it, then what’s the point. L and I joke and laugh about a lot of things were doing on social media, like is it normal for a moms to take selfies to post on social media – no. Are we doing it – yes.

What’s your goal for the future?

We don’t ever expect to be the blogger that has 2 million followers or are on their phone 24/7. Our goal is give the audience we have great content that really can help them. We only want to post realistic things that we love and do at home!

What’s your least favorite thing about blogging?

Really, we love it (or we would quit). The only thing that is slightly crappy is the really rude or weird messages that we RARELY get. Lindsay answers most of those, with a mix of sweet and sassy replies!


If you made it this far, THANK YOU and lets be friends! You can find us here!

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