Laurie’s Fits All Feet!


I’ll admit, when it comes to buying kid stuff, I almost always buy pre-owned or at the most, on sale or clearance.  

So when my kids need new shoes, I hit up the local kid’s resale clothing store and head to their wall of shoes in all sizes, picking and choosing until something fits.  Which takes FOREVER, because I have a kiddo who has wide, fat feet.  

And then Rebekah and I visited Laurie’s Shoes, a multi-generational, family owned, local business, and learned how important it is to not only be professionally sized for shoes, but then professionally fitted. 


My fat footed kiddo needed Laurie’s!  So I packed up both kids, regular and wide footed, and hit up Laurie’s location in Rock Hill the morning after our Facebook Live.

Regular footed kiddo measuring her foot.

Kristi welcomed my kids and I with open arms and got to fitting them.  That is, after we wrangled them in from playing on the super fun slide and staring at Laurie’s iconic airplane in the kids area! 

The fitting was a simple and quick process for my kids.  Kristi measured length, and many different areas for widths of both kid’s feet.  Did you know your foot could be considered “wide” if the ball of your foot, not necessarily the middle arch area, is proportionately wider than the rest of the foot?

After getting my kid’s sizes, Kristi used her magic to pick out the perfect shoes for both kids.  She picked up on their favorite colors and styles they liked while fitting them, and brought out fabulous choices for them.  

Kristi fitting my wide footed kiddo in his new shoes.

While my kiddos were running around in second-hand shoes before we visited Laurie’s, they both were getting blisters and sore spots on their feet, as well as tripping regularly.  I thought it was normal, I mean, they’re kids right? Wrong.  Expertly fitted shoes are an investment in your kids’ future.  Second-hand clothes won’t have a negative affect on your kids wellbeing like used shoes will.  Shoes are now the one clothing item I won’t ever purchase second-hand again.  Laurie’s Shoes and my family are going to become quite close as we return each time my kids outgrow their shoes.   

Excited about his new shoes! (And his balloon and cookie, which everyone gets for a good fitting!)
New shoes!