Going Green: The Make-Up Edition for Natural Beauty


make up brushes and powders on a concrete tableFollowing my Green Skincare post from last month, we’re shifting gears to make-up! While skincare is my first true love, I’ve grown in my confidence in using make-up; what to use when, how to apply, and the best colors for your skin. Green beauty make-up can be a challenge as the consistency of the product can be different, and the proper way to apply it is not necessarily the way our mothers taught us. So dump your, “but this is how I’ve always applied it!” mentality, and let’s dive in! 

The same rules apply when switching to green make-up as they did for skincare: research, start small, read the ingredients, use helpful apps, and turn to the experts.

Who are some “experts” you can turn to? This Organic Girl, who’s in her early 40’s and shows a lot of good stuff for maturing skin and Gurl Gone Green. She’s a former hairstylist, so she really gives you the scoop on green hair care (which is SO HARD to switch to!) Chelsea Williams of That’s Chelsea inspires with holistic living and beauty insight and Jamila Clean Beauty shares her make-up creations that are simply gorgeous with all green beauty products. These women are a good place to start in your learning! 

My two main tips with Green Make-Up:

  1. As you discover more brands that you like, follow them on Instagram. Quite a few brands do demonstrations for how to best use their products. Fitglow Beauty does a ton of demonstrations as does Clove and Hallow and Crunchi. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks that have made the application process go smoother!
  2. Give green make-up at least a two-week trial. Don’t give up right away! With different ingredients and consistencies than the “other stuff” – there’s definitely a learning curve! Keep watching demos and reading bloggers’ reviews. Over time it will click!

There are a lot of different categories of make-up, so I’m just going to list the main contenders that I love. If you have questions – comment below, and I can make a recommendation!


  • Crunchi Beautifully Flawless – I’ve read this foundation can be compared to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. The coverage is THAT GOOD. But it’s not nearly as heavy as Estee Lauder. I use this for times I want full coverage or longer-lasting coverage.
  • Fitglow Beauty Vita Active – This one has lighter coverage and is super light on the skin. Plus, it has skin nourishing benefits!
  • Beautycounter Twin Skin – New to Beautycounter and I’m loving it. I’m a combination skin girl, but this doesn’t make me oily! I love the buildable coverage and staying power. Plus the color range is really impressive!
  • Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint – For light coverage and a fabulous price point!


  • Fitglow Beauty Conceal+ – I can speak from experience, this concealer is THE BOMB. If you like/use Tarte’s Shape Tape – this concealer is better. I kid you not. The staying power is phenomenal. Sometimes this concealer is all I wear if I’m having a good skin day! 
  • Clove + Hallow Conceal & Correct – while Fitglow is my holy grail, this concealer holds up really well and is more affordable!

Finishing Powder


Going Green make-up brushes



  • Fitglow Beauty Lip Serum – hands down one of the best glosses. Not goopy or gloppy, and it nourishes your lips with collagen! My favorites: Go, Nudie, Gospel, and Buff. I also wear the Night Lip Serum during the day for a natural look!
  • Au Naturale Lip Stain – also has a lip oil and a “high lustre” lip gloss
  • Lily Natural Lip Gloss 




  • Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade – My holy grail. I will never stray except maybe to try the brow pencil …
  • Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel – I sometimes layer this over my Plume to keep the stray brows in place (I have some Italian eyebrows if you know what I’m sayin’). Love it by itself, too!
  • 100% Pure Green Tea Brow Builder – I wouldn’t say this “built” my brows, but it fills in nicely for a more natural look. Very similar to BeautyCounter, but I like BeautyCounter better.


Green Beauty Mascara is a hard one. I feel like I’m still testing to find my true holy grail, but here are some that I use/have used that I like:a close up of a woman putting on mascara

Hopefully, this gives you a launching point for researching Green Make-Up products to find the ones that you love! Your skin will thank you!