Clean Beauty 101: Making the Switch to Safer Skincare



clean skincare and beauty products such as a pallet of brown eyeshadow, mascara, and foundation, on a cream colored background with flowers

So, you’ve heard it … clean, safe, and non-toxic skincare is the newest beauty fad, and it seems to be here to stay. I mean, it’s practically flooding our Facebook and Instagram pages these days. Not necessarily a bad thing, but all you’re seeing is “buy this,” “swipe up,” “click the link in my bio,” and you’re stuck guessing and hoping that this is the product that will finally heal your dark circles, rosacea, acne, etc. So, where to begin when making the switch to safer makeup and skincare? Below are a few of my guidelines for that exact question you’ve been asking. 


Simplicity is Key

The beauty industry has mastered the art of making you feel like you need a closet full of beauty products to achieve that perfect, moisturized, wrinkle-free, glowing face. I’ve fallen into that trap many, many times. The truth is, more does not mean better. The sooner you adopt that way of thinking, the easier this process will be for you.


Why We’re Ditching Toxic Skincare

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals— whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home. 


With over 80,000 chemicals in use today, many of which haven’t been tested for safety, it’s a no-brainer to stay as far away from them as possible. There are many things we can’t control when it comes to toxicity, but the clean beauty and skincare industry is giving us a chance to put some control back into our hands.


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Ingredients > Marketing Claims

A company can write “plant-based” or “all-natural” on their product packaging without it being certified for either of those things. Most beauty products don’t have to be FDA regulated, meaning they haven’t been screened for safety. What’s even scarier, the United States has banned just 30 ingredients for use in our personal care products, while Europe has banned 1,400. This is why looking at the ingredient list is of the utmost importance. When reading the ingredient list, take these things into consideration:


  • Do they share the full ingredient list front and center?
  • Do their claims match their product and the reviews?
  • Look for certifications, screening verifications, organic, real, and simple ingredients. Also, make sure you can pronounce them. If you can’t, it’s probably not something you want to be absorbed in your body. 


Getting Started


  1. Get to know the Never List. This is a list of ingredients that should never be in your skincare or makeup products. Formulated by the company Beautycounter, it has influenced countless clean skincare brands to do the same.
  2. Finish your bottles or throw them out, whatever you think is right for you and your bank account. I have a minimalist mindset, so I tell all of my friends and family to finish what they have and, when they need something new, to search for clean and safe alternatives. I’ll list some great options below.
  3. Skin detoxing is a thing. If your skin is used to a certain amount of harsh toxins and chemicals, it will adapt to that, and for some, switching to clean beauty will cause their skin to detox and get rid of those stored, unwanted chemicals. It looks different foreveryone, and some may not even see a difference. A few tips if you happen to go through a skin detox: eat clean, stay away from processed sugar, hydrogenated oils, use a minimal amount of product, and don’t forget about getting a good night’s counter clean skincare and make up
  4. Stay minimal with your products. You don’t need to buy the lot! I said this earlier, simplicity is key when it comes to skincare. I always suggest starting with a good cleanser, serum to boost healing in the area you need, and a moisturizer to lock in the nutrients. 
  5. BeautycounterOSEACocokind, and Indie Lee are some of the top beauty companies leading the charge when it comes to helping men and women find safe and effective alternatives for skincare. Their mission, their ingredients, their honesty … it’s not only encouraging, but it’s also empowering. You can’t go wrong with any product from any of these companies. 


Welcome to better beauty, it’s way better over here and your skin will agree. 

before and after photo of a woman without makeup and with makeup and clean skincare