Beauty Tips I Learned From My Teen


In the age of YouTube videos, tutorials, and influencers, my 15-year-old seems to have much more knowledge in the beauty department than I do! I sat down with her this morning to give me some of her best tips.


I started with a blank palette, aka me in all my “no make-up glory.” Then Maddie and I got to decorating this face of mine.

a side by side photo of mom and daughter's make-up primer


Per Maddie, “Primer helps conceal/fill in your pores so that your foundation lies more even. Sometimes I just use moisturizer in place of primer because it can be heavy on your skin.” I just applied a thin layer of mine, and we were onto tip #2.

Mine: No Pore Blem Primer

Hers: Hydrating Primer



Tip 2: SETTING POWDER side by side photos of setting powder, used as a beauty tool to even skin tone

Between primer and setting powder, I applied my foundation. No tips there, so I guess I do “okay” in that area. ??‍♀️   Per Maddie, “setting powder helps foundation and other base make-ups to not rub off throughout the day, and it reduces shine so it looks more natural.” 

Mine: Thrive Causemetics 

Hers: Airspun



How to apply:

                • use an applicator sponge
                • dip sponge in powder
                • blot all over your face
                • let it sit for a couple of minutes
                • lightly brush away with a large head brush



Tip 3: HIGHLIGHTERa side by side photo of highlighting make-up, one in a stick and one in a palette

Maddie says I need it because it “makes me look more alive.” I mean….alright, kid, thanks. She says it just brightens your eyes. So I put a little on the inside corner of my eyes and underneath. Yes, it brightens my tired eyes. 

Mine: Thrive Causemetics

Hers: Sephora


a photo of a woman running hot water on her eyelash curler as it makes it work better per one of the beauty tips she follows



This one was brand new to me. Apparently, if you warm your eyelash curler, it works better. Maddie said, “I just run it under hot water and blot dry, or during the winter, I set it in front of the space heater for a little bit.” To my surprise, it works pretty well! 





Maddie and I actually learned this one together. There was a time when she got SUPER pluck happy, and all of a sudden, her eyebrows were teeny-tiny (I think we’ve all been there at one point or another). Well, we worked super hard together to grow them back. She applied castor oil every night to help speed up the growing process. Yes, it works…very well! Once they were grown in most of the way, I took her to my salon and had them waxed to reshape with the intention of “you only pluck what grows outside of this shape!” While we were there, our stylist gave her words of wisdom:

“Your eyebrows should be sisters – not twins.”



I bought myself one out of pure jealousy for Maddie’s. The lighted mirror TRULY makes a huge difference when applying make-up, plucking eyebrows, taking care of old-lady-peach fuzz, etc. Most have a normal mirror on one side and a magnified mirror on the other. This is, likely, my best beauty purchase to date. 

Mine: Amazon

Hers: Discontinued at Bed, Bath & Beyond



That’s it, ladies. I’m sure I will learn more from her over the next few years. Right now, I’m just enjoying all the moments she spends with me.

Happy face decorating! ❤️