3 Tips On Finding Your Perfect Skin Care Line


Often times it’s so hard to find the best skin care line that works perfectly for your skin. Well that was me. I tried so many things from Aveeno products to going back to the classics like St Ives or Clearasil ( I was even using Trader Joes Products which wasn’t bad at at all) For me finding something that can make my skin feel better was very important which led me to my skin care journey. I would often find myself scrolling through instagram to find brands that i could try and order samples and I did just that. As i continued on my quest, i would easily become discouraged thinking that I would never find anything that’s perfect for me. Until my mother introduced me to INDIE LEE and my skin was forever changed. INDIE LEE is a plant based skin care line that brings out the glow in your skin naturally.INDIE LEE is all natural, no preservatives and boosts your skin to a whole different level. For me that was definitely a game changer because you often times don’t know what you’re really putting on your face. Here are 3 tips that got me through my journey in finding the perfect skin care line.

1. Evaluate your skin: Take the time to know what your skin feels like. Ask these questions: How does my skin react to certain scents? Is my skin sensitive to touch? Is my skin dry or moist? Have I allowed my skin to breathe? Is my skin reacting to any chemicals that might be in anything I’m using currently?

2 .Do your research: This is very important! Order samples, read reviews and ask other women what they think about certain products. If you have a favorite beauty blogger you like to follow ask tons of questions. In the meantime keep trying your products to see what works for you.

3. Reset your SKIN: What I like to do every once in a while is give my skin a “reset”. With my skin reset I only wash my face with a pure unscented white soap in warm water and then rinse my face with cool water. This has worked for me when I just wanted to let my skin breathe without putting anything extra on it.

These tips are super simple but very impacting for you! My personal favorite that i’m currently using is the INDIE LEE Rosehip Cleanser and the Squalane Facial oil. The cleanser has a very soft texture to it and the scent is not too strong which I appreciate. The Squalane oil really leaves your face soft, moisturized and unblemished.I have been using INDIE LEE (among others) for almost a year now and my skin just keeps getting better and better!

Cheers to better skin!