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Vannah Shaw

Vannah Shaw

Representation Matters: Kamala Harris, Leading by Example

  Y'all, we have our first female VP!   I know we are still working out some kinks, but this is huge!!!! For years, I did not think our country was ready to have a woman in...

I Heart My Local YMCA

When is the last time you checked out all that the YMCA has to offer in your community?     A couple of months ago, I enrolled my two kids in soccer at my local Bayer YMCA...
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Balancing Mom Guilt and Caregiver Guilt

Being a mom is tough.   From birth, we have so many decisions to make about our children: bottle-feed or breastfeed, pampers or diapers, public school, private school, or home school. The decisions we must make...

Please Read! | Literacy Paves the Way

Literacy starts well before a child can read. Foster a love of books in your children! What’s your pleasure? Dr. Seuss, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter … I was a Goosebumps girl myself. If...

Summer Crafts: A Season of Creativity and Fun

Getting creative with summer crafts can make staying at home a whole lot of fun! Summer of 2020… What to say? We stayed in the house ALL summer, couldn’t find a pool for sale at ANY...

Happy Sandwich Generation Month!

July is Sandwich Generation month! Or at least a google search led me to believe that it was at one point. Nonetheless, we are declaring it at St. Louis Moms Blog! No, not the yummy food...