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Vannah Shaw

a multigenerational family standing on a porch for a family photo honoring National Sandwich Generation Month.

Sandwich Generation Month 2021!

July is National Sandwich Generation Month - a cause for honoring and celebrating!     Y’all, we made it another year!   Those of us caring for children and parents simultaneously - The Sandwich Generation - have hopefully made...
an African American family, posing in the waves on the beach as the mom gives a peace sign

I’m Good in Motherhood!

I have reached a mommy milestone. I’m good!   For the first time in my five years of being a mom, I’m okay with where I am in motherhood.     I’m going to be honest for a second—...

Compassion Fatigue: It’s a Real Thing!

  When I began facing my mom's health issues eight years ago, I felt alone. However, as this journey progresses, I’ve learned that many of us face taking care of parents at some point in...
a backyard garden

Moms as Gardeners: Intentionally Reaping What You Sow

  I am a gardener! Every year, for the past three years, my children and I go into our backyard and decide what we want to plant. We pick a spot, dig up the ground, and...
a happy mom holding her baby

Emotions 101

Emotions run wild in motherhood; if only there was a class for that ...     Hello Class!   Simmer down ... today, we are discussing emotions and how they affect us. Merriam – Websters Dictionary defines emotions as...
a box of crayons open on a tabletop

New Years Day and Beyond: Crafting Indoor Fun for 2021!

The year 2020 was a whole year of figure it out! We have learned to adapt, to compromise, to appreciate the smaller things in life. Some of us have learned to keep to ourselves,...

Representation Matters: Kamala Harris, Leading by Example

  Y'all, we have our first female VP!   I know we are still working out some kinks, but this is huge!!!! For years, I did not think our country was ready to have a woman in...

I Heart My Local YMCA

When is the last time you checked out all that the YMCA has to offer in your community?     A couple of months ago, I enrolled my two kids in soccer at my local Bayer YMCA...
a woman with her eyes closed and hands folded in prayer

Balancing Mom Guilt and Caregiver Guilt

Being a mom is tough.   From birth, we have so many decisions to make about our children: bottle-feed or breastfeed, pampers or diapers, public school, private school, or home school. The decisions we must make...

Please Read! | Literacy Paves the Way

Literacy starts well before a child can read. Foster a love of books in your children! What’s your pleasure? Dr. Seuss, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter … I was a Goosebumps girl myself. If...