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Trisha Stanley

flowers frozen into ice cubes, and a child’s hand with a water dropper, trying to melt the ice as a science experiment

Summer Science Activities with Ice

My oldest son went through a stage where he would freeze his LEGO mini-figures in water. Then, he would take them out and watch the ice melt, thus rescuing the LEGO people. This went...
a baby Yoda stuffed toy next to a plate of blue macarons in honor of May the Fourth

May the Fourth Be with You

May the fourth be with you. Such a fun play on words for the typical Star Wars universe saying, "May the force be with you," which is used to wish someone goodwill or good...
a path through the woods with green foliage and tall trees

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

On the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans from all walks of life joined together to speak out against the deterioration of the environment and demanded change. As a result,...
a close up of a doctor in a white coat with a stethoscope sharing a diagnosis

Hypermobility and Our Journey Towards a Diagnosis

One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is watching your child be in pain. We search for answers and a quick solution, but what happens when you can’t find one? What...

Valentine’s Day Science for Kids

Can I let you in on a little secret? I don't like Valentine's Day. It's not a holiday my husband and I ever really celebrate. However, I do enjoy themed activities for kids, and...

Waking Up Made Easier: A Simple Solution to Brighten Your Day

I am not a morning person. Waking up and rolling out of bed is difficult. The sound of an alarm jars me awake making me feel unrested and grumpy.   I much prefer to wake up...
a box wrapped in golden paper with a red bow near the Christmas tree

The Christmas Eve Box: Our Family’s Annual Tradition

What holiday traditions do you and your family hold dear? Our Christmas Eve box is something I look forward to every year.   Christmas pajamas and Christmas books are how our tradition began. When my oldest...

Celebrate National STEM and STEAM Day: Projects to Get You Started

National STEM and STEAM Day is November 8th. Let’s celebrate by doing some activities. I challenge you to choose one STEM or STEAM activity to try with your kids today! Tag us on social...
Halloween skulls, spider webs, and jack-lanterns scattered on an orange background

How to Celebrate Halloween 2020 – Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Are you looking for suggestions for how to celebrate Halloween this year? 2020 has definitely thrown us some curveballs, and Halloween may not look exactly like years past. That doesn’t mean we can’t still...
a leaf imprint made with crayon

3 Simple Fall Science Activities: Exploring Nature

Welcome in the season with these fall science activities! Fall is my favorite time of the year – the leaves are changing colors, and the weather is awesome for being outside. There are many great...