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Stephanie Godwin-Chu

Stephanie is a wife, homeschooler, mother to Osila (2015) and 'The Twins' (2021), sister, daughter, devoted auntie, blogger, entrepreneur, artist, coach, Crohn's fighter and encourager. She breathes leadership, communication, social service, ministry, wellness and education. She serves breastfeeding families in the St. Louis area as an accredited Leader with La Leche League of Greater St. Louis. This southern-bred mama carries about 20 hats on any given day, but tries her best not to wear more than 3 at once!

Maternity Journal: The Gift I’m Giving to My Daughter

I found this old, worn but never written in notebook at a second-hand store. I almost left it behind – brown and unassuming with a gold embroidered border around the front cover. It had...

The Pep Talk We All Need Right Now : You Were Made for This

You were made for this. This is the unfamiliar, uncharted, unwanted territory of the great unknown. This is motherhood 2.0 on steroids without an instruction manual. This is the season of save yourself, hold on to...

My “Summer of Crazy” 2020 Essentials List: Quarantine Edition

This 2020 Essentials List can breathe fresh air into your summer of quarantining. Gearing up for scene two of the worst real-life play ever written feels like a relentless task. I don’t even know where...
a torn paper heart held together on a string to symbolize race and racial discrimination

Black and Exhausted: I Don’t Have Words For This

“Ugh! Not another commentary about race!” you might be thinking. This is not that. Let me put my mom hat down for a moment and speak plainly as a woman of color. Some of you may...

Call Your Mom! : A Public Service Announcement

Time slips by so quickly; a simple reminder to call your mom can bridge the gaps that spring up in our busy lives.   This is a public service announcement. When was the last time you...
a hand holding up a white sign with black letters saying, "it is well"

Finding Contentment in the Confinement of COVID-19

Confinement isn't always limiting. Sometimes, it is within the limitations that possibilities emerge. As we all wade through these uncharted waters of life, feelings of frustration, loneliness, and sadness are likely to creep in. We are...

Accepting the Ugly Truth About “Bad Teeth”, and How to Fix Them

Not all dental issues in children stem from their eating or brushing habits. Some are just born with, "Bad Teeth." Read on to discover what you can do about it! First, I owe some of...
a doctor in an operating room performing a caesarean section due to birth trauma

Getting Real About Birth Trauma: It’s Never Too Late to Heal

I look back on the day I should remember, and sadly I don’t recall much of it. My husband and I were happy but nervous. We were joking around with each other in the...

The Pep Talks That Got Us Through the Terrible Threes

Everyone talks about the “terrible two” phase, so I expected there would be difficulty, defiance, and a general feeling of not knowing what to do. But instead, age two passed us by, and what...

Winterfest in the Lou: We Igloo’d and You Should Too

Nestled in downtown St. Louis near N. 6th Street and Chestnut is a little bit of winter treasure you’ve got to add to your list of adult things to do. Winterfest weekends are happening...