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Stephanie Godwin-Chu

Stephanie is a wife, homeschooler, mother to Osila (2015) and 'The Twins' (2021), sister, daughter, devoted auntie, blogger, entrepreneur, artist, coach, Crohn's fighter and encourager. She breathes leadership, communication, social service, ministry, wellness and education. She serves breastfeeding families in the St. Louis area as an accredited Leader with La Leche League of Greater St. Louis. This southern-bred mama carries about 20 hats on any given day, but tries her best not to wear more than 3 at once!

Let’s Talk About Money, Baby!

I get all excited over a solid life insurance policy and a paid-off mortgage! I’m a money nerd that way.   I’ve been the woman to walk into a store and buy a room full of...

Check on Your Summer-Loving Friends!

When summer fades, check on your summer-loving friends— they may not be okay.   This is a public service announcement from the other side of the pumpkin-spiced lovers' universe!   Some of us are barely hanging on here,...

Ten Things to Pull You Back from the Edge

Need something to pull you back from the edge? These tips may help.    Life is hard. If you’re like most people who have been white-knuckling it through the last 18 months, you may be thinking,...

7 Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Engaged At Home

‘7 Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Engaged at Home' originally ran in July, 2019.   Attending events, parks and museums are great, but sometimes shuttling back and forth, vying for good parking and dealing with crowds...
chairs set up six feet apart per COVID protocols

COVID 2.0: Tips for Doing It Differently This Time Around

As COVID 2.0 threatens to disrupt, preserve the peace and uphold the sanity.   I am saddened and so disappointed to be in this spot yet again, but I feel the writing is already on the...
a toy kangaroo with boxing gloves punching a puppet, representing fighting fair

Fighting Fair When It Gets Ugly: Being an Example

Fighting fair isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth the effort.      I would love to say that my home is a peaceful one where everyone gets along, and conversations are mostly civil. But that’s just...

Embarking on a Month of Baby Moon | One Mom’s Gift

A baby moon helps you relax, refocus, and get ready!   It was with much anxiety, hesitation, and relief that I entered into this agreement. I chose to take advantage of a month-long period of preparation...

Put Your Freezer to Work to Prevent Food Waste

Learn to use your freezer wisely to prevent food waste.      The average American household wastes about 32 percent of food, costing almost $2,000 per year. Well, it’s a new year and a great time to...

Holiday Parenting in All Truth: Hold the Fiction, Add Extra Magic

We talk about Santa in our house kind of like most people talk about Daniel Tiger or the Little Mermaid. It’s always been that way. Our daughter has never believed in Santa Claus, the...

Pregnancy Grief: Understanding What a Pregnancy Requires of You

Pregnancy grief is real, there's no shame in facing your emotions.   I’ll call it blissful ignorance. I was so happy to be unexpectedly pregnant for the second time and in a state of shock and...