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St. Louis

Shifra Glassman

Shifra is originally from Virginia. She went to high school in Silver Spring, MD and lived in Jerusalem for 7 years before making her way to St. Louis in 1992. She has come to motherhood through adoption, fertility, fostering and teaching. She is passionate about children's rights and will advocate to make sure each child gets what they need to succeed. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and, later, domestic abuse. She uses her experiences to educate others and to help victims feel safe to come forward and share their stories. She is an active member of the orthodox Jewish community and resides in University City.

You’ve Gotta Have Friends

When I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, I did what I always do. I started to pray. Every morning since that day, I have said the same prayers for her. One of...

I’m So Tired

Sometimes I go to bed thinking I did not do enough today. I didn't finish the laundry. I didn't wash the dishes that were put in to the sink after I already washed the...

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

My daughter is graduating the 8th grade this month. I'm not ready. I've  spent this year trying so hard to slow down time. I think I have spent her whole life doing that. She...

Be Our Guest

I was in the midst of a messy divorce with 16 year old autistic daughter and an 8 year old. Passover, one of the biggest holidays on the Jewish calendar, was fast approaching. I...

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Afraid

My daughter will be going in to high school next year. The night before her entrance exam she sat with me and I saw her eyes fill with tears. I waited for her to...