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St. Louis

Shifra Glassman

Shifra is originally from Virginia. She went to high school in Silver Spring, MD and lived in Jerusalem for 7 years before making her way to St. Louis in 1992. She has come to motherhood through adoption, fertility, fostering and teaching. She is passionate about children's rights and will advocate to make sure each child gets what they need to succeed. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and, later, domestic abuse. She uses her experiences to educate others and to help victims feel safe to come forward and share their stories. She is an active member of the orthodox Jewish community and resides in University City.

In My Heart and Home, There’s Always Room for One More

I'm a foster mom. I am happiest when my home is full of babies, and I can feel like I am truly making a difference. I have raised three children of my own, and...

Fostering the Love

We are created in different hues, the beauty of which often goes unseen. For foster families, fostering love, and not hate, magnifies the richness of the blessing.         They placed the baby in my arms and...

And I Believe : A Journey to Motherhood

a single mom in quarantine with her teen daughter and her toddler son

Expect the Unexpected: Musings of a Single Mom in Quarantine

Having to quarantine is tough.  Being a single mom in quarantine can be overwhelming; however, this single mom discovered her inner strength, along with some unexpected surprises during COVID-19. When I signed up to write...
tree silhouette with roots on cream colored background

When Does an Anniversary Stop Being an Anniversary?

When does an anniversary stop being an anniversary? Divorce? Death? Do those events erase everything that came before? No, I don’t think so. Thirty-two years ago, we stood together under a chuppah (marriage canopy). So...

Moms, Let Your Children Show That They Love You

A few years ago, when I found myself transitioning into the role of a single mother, I made myself a promise. I decided that I would never lead my daughter to believe that she...

Do you believe in miracles?

If you happen to be walking around my neighborhood on any of the nights of Chanukah, you will see house after house with the blinds pulled open and menorahs shining bright, one for each...

Daddy’s Girl

November is National Grieving Children's Month. I have watched my daughter grieve for years. She hides it well. She pretends she doesn't care, that it is not important to her. But, I am her...

The Ugly Face of Silent Domestic Abuse

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month. That's very fitting for me because it was a crisp, clear morning in October when I finally allowed myself to admit that I was being abused, and my...

A Whole New World

    I have a teenager. That should not come as a huge surprise, my daughter is fourteen, technically she has been a teenager for a year and a half, logically I know that. It just...