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Sarah Heep

Sarah lives in Wildwood with her husband, Steve. They have two daughters, Maddie and Brooklyn, along with fur-baby Reba. Sarah was a teen mom and is a stroke survivor. She works for La Salle Retreat Center as the Director of Guest Relations. When she's not working, she loves shopping with her girls, walks with her pup and hubby, watching crime shows, and reading who-dun-it novels. She's also an admitted chocolate and Diet Coke addict.

Spring Cleaning: 3 DIY Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

In honor of spring, we are reshaping this DIY Cleaning post! These simple spring cleaning tips will have your home fresh and clean in no time!   Spring is on its way and with it comes lots...

Family Friendly Summer Recipes: Main Dishes, Sides & Desserts

What are some of your favorite summer recipes? Share them below!   I don't know about you, but at the end of a long summer day, the last thing I want to do is stand in...

Beauty Tips I Learned From My Teen

In the age of YouTube videos, tutorials, and influencers, my 15-year-old seems to have much more knowledge in the beauty department than I do! I sat down with her this morning to give me...

19, Unwed and Pregnant: Bringing Baby Home | A Journey to Motherhood

Bringing home a baby is supposed to be one of the best experiences of your life. But what if you're barely 20, in a negative relationship, unwed, and pregnant all while living at your...
American Stroke Awareness Month logo with a red ribbon

Stroke Awareness Month: Surviving a Stroke

If you're anything like I used to be, you associate strokes with the elderly. You probably never gave stroke awareness much thought. Take it from me...like most medical emergencies, strokes don't discriminate race, gender,...
Black quarantine journal with a hole puncher, scissors, and glue stick on a stack of paper on a table

Living History: Sharing Family Quarantine Journal Ideas

History is in the making as we navigate the effects of COVID-19, and making a family quarantine journal will help preserve the realities of it for generations to come.   When I was a junior in...
pink background with candy hearts, and the words, "Room Mom's Valentine Party Guide"

A Room Mom’s Quick Guide to Valentine Party Games

I spent several years as "Head Room Mom" during our daughter's elementary school years. Signing up every year felt like such a great idea until it was time to actually plan the party. After...

Planning Our Family Budget for the Year’s Big Expenses

I will preface this post by saying a family's finances and budget are probably one of the most vulnerable areas to reveal to others. However, this system has worked so well for us that...

Grieving a Friendship

Grief sucks, and 2019 was filled with a LOT of it for me. Within eight weeks, I lost two grandmas, one great-aunt, and my beloved fur-baby, Stanley. It was frickin' rough. Saying goodbye to...

Seven Easy Family-Friendly Recipes

After a long day of work, transporting kids, helping with homework and preparing for the next day, cooking dinner is the last thing on my mind. Our household often falls victim to those wonderful...