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Rashida Dinehart

Rashida Dinehart
a new mom smiling down at her baby girl

Welcome to the Sisterhood Pandemic New Motherhood

  While parenting during a pandemic is hard and is something no mom was prepared for, there’s a certain subset of mothers who, in my opinion, got a really raw deal. The mamas who welcomed...
a breast pump and breast pads set against a pink background

NEWSFLASH: Exclusive Pumping is Still Breastfeeding

Among those who choose to breastfeed, there is a subset of (in my humble opinion) especially dedicated mamas who have made the choice to exclusively pump their breast milk for their babies. I am...

The Postpartum Rules for Not Totally Hating Your Fourth Trimester

This is my second postpartum period, and this time I’m committed to doing it differently. With my first babe, I was determined to bounce back. I wanted to fit all my old clothes. I...