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Rashida Dinehart

a black and white sketch of homes in a neighborhood with green trees in the background with a banner above saying, “Living in the Lou: a neighborhood series - Kirkwood"

Living in the Lou: Kirkwood, More Than a Train Station

  Living in the Lou: Kirkwood was co-written by local moms, Katie Vondera and Rashida Dinehart   As the first suburban municipality outside of St. Louis City boundaries, Kirkwood is steeped in history. At first known for...
a mom with a baby in a carrier on her back, and her toddler walking next to her as they explore a park

A Motherless Mom’s Mother’s Day: Finding the Joy to Celebrate

“What are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?”   “We’re taking her to brunch.”   This was a lie. Well, sort of. We were taking my Mother-in-Law to brunch. MY mom had been gone for 11...
a mom's hand holding her little newborn baby's hand during maternity leave

Maternity Leave During COVID Was Surprisingly Not the Worst

While maternity leave during a pandemic sounds like a nightmare, it can actually be the biggest COVID blessing.   It's 2021— it has been a full year of unprecedented everything. If you've managed to make it...

Mom Confession – I Don’t Have Hard Limits on Screen Time

Parents pick and choose their battles, and this Mama is not waging a war over screen time!     I’ve read the research. I know the cons. But dang it, I’m a working mom, and sometimes I...

2021 New Year’s Resolutions: An Invitation NOT to Set Them

  No one will deny that 2020 was terrible. You made plans and then set them on fire because nothing went as planned in 2020.     Now the vaccine is in sight, and you’re ready to...

A Letter to My Second Born

First-time moms learn a whole new world exists once they have a baby. But there is something about a second born child that instills grace and peace in a mama's heart.     Dear Second Baby,   While you...

I Get By With a Little Help From My Meds

  Hang on now! By meds, I mean antidepressants, not the hard stuff.  I’m no stranger to depression or anxiety. In fact, I have been on meds to help with that twice now. I'm still on...
a new mom smiling down at her baby girl

Welcome to the Sisterhood Pandemic New Motherhood

  While parenting during a pandemic is hard and is something no mom was prepared for, there’s a certain subset of mothers who, in my opinion, got a really raw deal. The mamas who welcomed...
a breast pump and breast pads set against a pink background

NEWSFLASH: Exclusive Pumping is Still Breastfeeding

Among those who choose to breastfeed, there is a subset of (in my humble opinion) especially dedicated mamas who have made the choice to exclusively pump their breast milk for their babies. I am...

The Postpartum Rules for Not Totally Hating Your Fourth Trimester

This is my second postpartum period, and this time I’m committed to doing it differently. With my first babe, I was determined to bounce back. I wanted to fit all my old clothes. I...