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Natalie Williams

I am a single, working, foster mom, currently to two little boys (4 & 6). When I'm not working, chauffeuring kids to all the things, and dishing out 10,000 meals and snacks per day. I enjoy running and reading!
a stack of books with a wooden dinosaur on it

New Homeschooling Mom: Three Things I Have Learned

When in-person learning is off of the table and virtual learning isn't working, becoming a new homeschooling mom may become your reality.   You guys. This year is so ridiculous. I was slowly adjusting to working...

Ready to Dive In? Goldfish Swim School to the Rescue

My main reason for wanting my boys to take swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School was because last summer, we moved into a house with a large above the ground pool, and I was...
a close up of a garden gloved hand pulling weeds

Three Life Lessons That I Learned From Pulling Weeds

The life lessons that come from pulling weeds are both beautifully simplistic and deep rooted.   A few weeks ago, I was out in the backyard, pushing one of my boys on the swing set when...

I Can’t Breathe

“I can’t breathe.”     George Floyd literally had his breath taken from him. As a world, we are pouring extensive resources into manufacturing ventilators to help those with COVID-19 breathe, and yet we are taking the...

Grieving Lost Time While Making New Memories: A Journey to Motherhood

Creating memories with your kids becomes even more important when your kids don't have memories of their own.   As a single mom to my two foster sons, I got catapulted into motherhood. Going through the...
a stack of kids books that relate to foster parenting

Helping Foster Kiddos Navigate Feelings Through Books

When my boys first came to live with me, I started to notice what types of books and movies they were drawn to. For instance, they would watch Lilo & Stitch on repeat. I'm...
Snow Day written on chalkboard with drawing of snowman

Snow Days: How to Survive Wintertime in the Midwest

Snow days. As soon as I see the weather report of any possible impending snow or ice storm, the anxiety begins to rise. I love my children dearly, but elongated weekends stuck inside are...

A Mother’s Dream: Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I am a white mother to two little black boys, and often my fears about where we are as a nation in 2020 feel suffocating. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke with sheer urgency at the...

Navigating the Holidays with Foster Kiddos

I think for most kiddos, the holidays are this wonderful time of year filled with family, presents, and special meals and events. Foster kids aren't most kids, though. Some may have trauma tied to...

Local Sensory-Friendly Outings

Both of my boys have behavioral challenges that can either be helped or hindered by different sensory experiences. For example, my 7 year old cannot get enough proprioceptive (joint and muscle) movement and vestibular...