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Maria Tavares

Maria has had a long flirtation with her passion for writing since childhood. She truly enjoys sharing imagery in a creative capacity through words and photography. A transplant from California, she is eager to make the St. Louis area feel like home. When she isn’t snapping away at a shutter, or happily clicking on a keyboard, you can find Maria exploring her new surroundings, sipping wine with friends, or making the most of her adventures with her little family. Maria is happily married and the mother of one daughter and one furbaby.
Balloon Art by Goloongo that says STL MOM

Event Highlight: Hanging with Heroes: A Back-to-School Bash

Over 200 people gathered at Millennium Park in Creve Coeur on Sunday, August 8th, for our annual Hanging with Heroes Back-to-School Bash sponsored by Kiddie Academy! With three St. Louis area locations, Kiddie Academy...
A brick wall. Left half of the image is red brick, right half is painted white.

A House Divided | Battling Covid-19

How do you handle disagreements in your home, when the discourse can feel like residing in a house divided?     In my house, we don't agree. Sometimes it's on little things. Sometimes it's on big things. ...
My kid asks the tough questions before breakfast. Life begins after coffee.

My Kid Asks the Tough Questions Before Breakfast

I'm going to be really real with you here - my kid asks the tough questions before breakfast. Like, before I've even had one sip of coffee. She just throws them out there matter-of-factly...
Plum Blossoms

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! As I grow older, maybe wiser, I find myself drawn to my ethnic roots. I want to connect on a deeper level to the people who...
STL Arch and Downtown St. Louis

Six Months in Wentzville | A Post-Move Reflection

Wentzville: Six whole months have flown by since we moved cross-country to this quiet, bustling town west of St. Louis. Moving mid-pandemic was one thing, but finding the groove in getting settled has been...
world poetry day

Poetry, My First Love | World Poetry Day

This is an appreciation post for poetry on World Poetry Day.   Poetry is an art form, an outlet, a vibe of expression that should be celebrated! It gets this day, March 21st, every year And I am here for it.  Poetry - my...

New Year, New Round of Birthdays – Keep It Simple

Planning birthdays doesn't have to be an ordeal! These tips show you how to keep it simple.   A new year is upon us, and so is the next round of birthdays. If you want to...
Your Quick Guide to New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: Your Quick Tip Guide to Making Them

Every year I look forward to setting my New Year's resolutions. It keeps me focused on the bigger picture and reminds me where my small but mighty steps need to take me. If this...
A Cross-Country move in the middle of a Pandemic | California to Missouri

A Cross-Country Move in the Middle of a Pandemic | California to Missouri

From California to Missouri, we had our sights set high. We packed up what was left of our belongings, played the most expert level of adult Tetris possible with our Pods container, and said...