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Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Michelle is a homeschooling mom of two who lives in South City with her husband, kids, two cats, and a dog. Her family loves reading, hiking, and art. She runs Dayla Learning, a place for online classes and curriculum in the humanities. She likes to write about education, work-life balance, and exploring all the wonderful experiences St. Louis has to offer.
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Business Book Series: Change How You Look at the World

I’m back with my final post in my quest for the perfect business self-help book. I’m ending the year with a look at two very powerful books by two very powerful women.   Book 1: We...
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Business Book Series: Inspirational Tales of Powerful Women

Looking to be inspired by the tales of powerful women? You’re in the right place!   Hi, again! I’m still sifting through business self-help books and bringing you my findings. This month I’ve got two inspiring...
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Business Book Series: Who’s Got the Time?

Need to learn strategies for time management?  Read on for some tips!     It’s me again with another pair of productivity self-help books to examine. This week, I’m putting two books next to each other that...

Business Book Series: Breaking the Rules

Hey! I’m back! If you remember, I’ve set out on a quest to find the perfect business self-help book, and I’m bringing you my results in a series of blog posts. Up first, I...
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Boss Babes, Mompreneurs, 4-Hour Workweeks, and Me: The Search for the Perfect Business Self-Help...

This is the first post in a series about Mompreneurs and finding the perfect business self-help book.     Here are some facts about me:   Almost everyone I knew well enough to understand their financial situation growing...
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Having a Balanced (Book) Diet

There's more than one way to read a book ...   How do you keep them all straight? I can barely handle one book! There’s no way I could keep track of them all.   I’ve got a...

Living in the Lou: Tower Grove Park Gives A Taste of City Life

  What’s it like to be a mom living in the Tower Grove South neighborhood? Pretty amazing! I absolutely adore living here, and I feel like we’ve found a place that really lets us soak...

Returning to the World (Opening the Pandemic Closet)

Returning to the world after a pandemic ... how does one do that?     In March 2020, as the world shut down, I took a lot of the things in my life and crammed them in...
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Yes, I’m an English Professor. No, I’m not Judging Your Grammar.

“You’re an English professor? Uh-oh. Don’t judge my text messages!”   It’s usually just a joke, but I know that it’s a joke that has at least a little bit of truth to it. The fact...
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Rethinking the Screen Time Debate: 4 Questions I Ask Myself Now

Screen time was a challenge before the pandemic. Now? With a little bit of consideration, it doesn't have to be so tough.   They’re going to ask. Sometimes it’s from the moment they wake up. My...