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Meghan Layne

two movie theater tickets on a counter with spilled popcorn

Beat the Fatigue: Rent a Theater

  A year + of living in quarantine (or some version of it) has us all getting creative for entertainment ... especially when it comes to the kids. There’s only so much you can do...
a woman standing at the side of the road with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath

Lower your Standards, Momma. Lower your Standards.

Mothering is all about grace. Sometimes when you lower your standards, you gift yourself grace.     My entire life, I’ve been a “yes” person. I’ve always thought I could take on one more thing, one more...

A New Year but Nothing Feels New: How I’m Setting Goals for 2021

I’ve always been one who loved the turn of a new year. There is something exhilarating about starting fresh and setting new goals. A clean slate, as I like to think of it. I...

Less Juggle, More QT: Embracing the Separation this Holiday Season

How will you be embracing the separation this holiday season?   The juggle of families at the holidays is always a challenge. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a great challenge to have. But it's a challenge...
shelled peanuts spilled out on a marble counter top

Peanut Allergies: A Few Things Everyone Should Know

Our daughter grew up in ballparks and on airplanes. There’s no way she has a peanut allergy. We gave her peanut butter at six months old. There’s no way she has a peanut allergy....

Welcoming New Moms in The Lou: A Guide from A Transplant

  There’s one thing I’ve struggled with here in St Louis …making friends. I have lots of acquaintances but really only a few true friends. And at first, I thought it was me. I’m from...

Teletherapy: Surviving Grief in a Pandemic

Five weeks before the world shut down, we lost our baby girl. I was 32 weeks pregnant, and she was stillborn. Talk about shattered to the core! It was a pain I’ve never known...

Finding Quiet in the Chaos: A Necessary Practice for All Moms

I've always been a person who enjoys spending time with just myself! I've never had a problem going to a restaurant alone, shopping alone, or being home alone. I actually really NEED time alone!...

How I Became a Professional Mover: The Life of a Baseball Family

This is based on the experience of our family. Details may be different for each family in the game of baseball depending on organization or location.   Baseball looks a little different this season. For fans....