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St. Louis

Maria Goncalves

Maria Ines Goncalves is yet another Portuguese mom named Maria (like most of the women in Portugal), but now she is a Portuguese mom in the USA. Born in Portugal, Maria graduated with a degree in Political Science and believed she was not ready for motherhood, wanting to pursue her career and travel the world, although not wanting to live overseas. Guess what? She turned into a stay-at-home-mom of three (2007, 2010 and 2018) and moved to St. Louis due to her husband's job in 2017. Changes are a pattern in her life and, when she’s not adjusting to another life change, she loves to dance, bake, photograph, sew, draw and paint with the kids. But mainly she loves to enjoy the beauty and craziness of motherhood, her real and most precious purpose in life.

More Than Milk. Tips For A Happy Breastfeeding Experience.

If we can and we choose to do it, breastfeeding can be wonderful. The liquid gold a mother provides to her baby is not just milk to satisfy hunger. Breast milk is an inheritance...

Embracing Gray. Embracing Myself.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m “the girl with the gray hair”. That's it. That is how usually people refer to me. I'm 41 years old and have been living with gray hair for the last...

Baby Food Made Easy

   From scratch, healthy and cost efficient. To cook, or not to cook. Store-bought or not store-bought. This is just another question added to the never ending dilemmas of motherhood. Recent moms are tired, sleep deprived...

For the Nursing Mama: Homemade Lactation Cookies

I'm breastfeeding. I'm hungry. I love cookies. What about some delicious and lactation friendly, homemade cookies?  With these cookies I (and my baby!) get all the amazing benefits from oats, such as fiber, protein and...

Apple and Oats- A Healthy Crumble

Have you already thought about the dessert for Mother’s Day? What about a delicious and healthy Apple and Oats Crumble? Give it a try, and share your love.   Filling 5 apples (medium size) 1/3 cup natural sweetener...

Being a Mom at 40.

Have you ever questioned other mothers’ age? Or thought about if there is a perfect age to become a mom? Are there ‘too late’ timings? At age 40 (with a 10 year old son and...

Raising Kids Abroad. Would You Be Ready?

What if one day, you would have the opportunity to take your family to live in another country? Would you be ready? Would you be afraid? Would you be excited? Maybe all of them. Making...