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Maddie K

Maddie is constantly trying to find the balance between raising a biracial daughter on her own, being a high school Spanish teacher, and trying to navigate the dating world in her 30's. Definitely an extroverted introvert, Maddie loves nerding out about teaching Spanish, and you can usually find her reading whenever she has free time. Her favorites include: tacos, coffee, mascara, Harry Potter, scuba diving, face masks, and therapy. Maddie is also a childhood AML Leukemia survivor, and currently has a very stubborn case of Papillary Thyroid Cancer. She's spent most of her entire life in the St. Louis area, and her favorite things about STL are the Zoo and Imo's Pizza!
a woman sitting by a window reading a book

A Mom Just Trying to Find a Hobby

So the one thing that I’ve really learned during this pandemic is that I don’t have many hobbies. After teaching and “mom-ing," I’m usually too exhausted to even stay awake past 8 PM. Over...

COVID-Friendly Restaurants: A St. Louis County Guide to Supporting Local

These COVID-friendly restaurants have been compiled by contributing writers Maddie K. and Graham Behnke.   As I think back to last spring, I can honestly say that I never thought we would still be dealing with...

Finding the Positive Amidst a Pandemic: The Silver Linings of COVID

Discovering the silver-linings of this pandemic is like receiving an unexpected gift.   Life is hard right now ... honestly, that’s probably an understatement. It’s hard to find the good when I feel that COVID has...

A Balancing Act: When Physical and Mental Health are at Odds

The COVID-19 balancing act between physical and mental health is a challenge for moms to maintain, especially when there are no clear answers. Please tell me I am not the only mom that feels like...
a meme about being a homeschool mom

This Isn’t Homeschooling: No Degree in the World Could Prep Me For This

What we are being asked to do right now isn't homeschooling. Teacher moms know what it means to dedicate themselves to their work, but this takes it to another level.   While scrolling through my newsfeed...
a woman's hand resting on flowers to illustrate dipping your nails with pink polishes

Have You Tried Dipping (*Your Nails*) at Home Yet?

There’s just something I love about having my nails done. It makes me feel so… feminine? Put together? I don’t know exactly how it makes me feel, but I love it. Pre-kid, I would...

Suddenly a Single Mom: How Does Dating Work Again?

Single at 32 and trying to date… yeah, it's pretty horrible. Even though you might not want to date post-divorce as a newly single mom, you put yourself out there because you know you...

To the Single Mom This Christmas

I was recently scrolling Instagram, and one of my friends had posted a cute picture of her and her two kids in front of a Christmas tree. The post’s caption said “It’s not what’s...

Bringing Hogwarts to Life: A Magical Fusion of Music & Movie at Powell Hall

This content is sponsored by our partner, The St. Louis Symphony, but all opinions are based on the author's personal experience.  This past Friday evening, my daughter and I attended a special showing of Harry...

“My Child Has Cancer”

Christmas Eve of 1990. My parents' world fell apart when I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Two days later, they were told that I only had a 25% chance of survival. Statistically, I was...