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Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer is many things: a former high school English teacher, a domestic violence survivor, an infertility warrior, and a boy/girl twin momma to her IVF babes. She writes books to help herself and others heal. She's the cofounder of the InfertileAF Summit. So far, adversity hasn't stopped her from building a life she loves full of laughter with her husband, Joe, and her very cute (and busy) two year old twins, Josefina (Joey) and Lucas (Luke).

3 Practical Ways to Help a NICU Momma

When my water broke six weeks early, I think my brain decided to check out for the rest of the day. As a trauma momma I’m well aware of dissociation, but I didn’t anticipate...

Because Now I Have Kids

I never wanted Botox, I didn’t understand why some women’s bellies were so soft where their jeans hit, And going to bed before 10 felt sacrilegious.   My weight never got the better of me (for long), My husband...

I Googled Complicated Mom And This is What I Found

I’m typing this while my twins chatter, fighting the (second) nap they desperately protested to get back last week. There were buckets of tears, I heard a new screech they can pull off, and...