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Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer is many things: a former high school English teacher, a domestic violence survivor, an infertility warrior, and a boy/girl twin momma to her IVF babes. She writes books to help herself and others heal. She's the cofounder of the InfertileAF Summit. So far, adversity hasn't stopped her from building a life she loves full of laughter with her husband, Joe, and her very cute (and busy) two year old twins, Josefina (Joey) and Lucas (Luke).

12 Books to Help Our Children Learn About Black History Month

As I started putting together fun activities for my two toddlers for Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about a very simple but important question: If they’re old enough to understand holidays, are they also...
A graphic of buildings and houses to look like a neighborhood with the words, "Living in the Lou, A Neighborhood Series" across the top

Living in the Lou: Wentzville Is Better than You Think

Living in the Lou: Wentzville originally published in March, 2020.   When I tell people I live in Wentzville, they react predictably. First, they all gasp. Then, they follow up with one of two questions:   “Why? Isn’t...
Lindsay Fischer with her husband and her IVF twins, Luke and Joey.

Infertility Awareness: I’m a Mom, But Please Don’t Assume I’m Fertile

This post originally ran April 21, 2019 during National Infertility Awareness Week.   Eighteen months ago, I delivered 34-week twins at Mercy. My water broke at 2:00 in the afternoon, and I became a mom to...

The Heart of a Mother Lights the Way: A Journey to Motherhood

  The heart of a mother shines bright, illuminating even the darkest shadows in a mother's journey. A week or so after my husband and I learned we’d need IVF to get pregnant, we took a...
a black framed quote which says, "The Grass is Greener Where You Water It"

Self-Care During Isolation : 45 Easy, Free, At-Home Ideas

Practicing self-care during isolation will help you remain calm, balanced and focused as you navigate a world with COVID-19.   What's The Deal with Self-Care? When used correctly, self-care activities are the fill-your-cup things you do, reminding...

STLMB Perspectives: I Chose Baby-Led Weaning for my Twins (And Here’s Why)

When I first shared pictures and videos of my twins exploring solids, I immediately regretted it. Many people not well-versed in baby-led weaning were quick to react, and I had my fair share of...

Five Hair Care Tips from a Salon Professional to Keep Your Hair Healthy This...

I have to admit I’m somewhat particular about my hair (yes, even after having kids). While it might stay up in a messy bun most days because I’m chasing around my two year olds,...

Sometimes it Still Haunts Me: One Survivor’s Story this Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A decade ago in July I left a narcissist sociopath who singlehandedly wrecked every good thing I’d built for myself in my twenties. I was 26 years old, a high school English teacher, with nothing...

Hey, Mommas, Thank You (All of You)

Last Wednesday I started a new workout routine that involves taking my twins to the gym daycare each day. It has been a difficult experience for all of us because transition and change are...

Saggy Friends And Other Breastfeeding Adventures of a Twin Mom

Can we all agree to two things before I go any further?   To not take any statement I make as a judgement on your choices. (What you do is none of my business, and...