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Lauren Anderson

Lauren, a Saint Louis native, is a Newborn Sleep Consultant and mother of two, constantly learning how to embrace the chaos and change motherhood brings. She changed jobs, moved twice, married her high school sweetheart and had twin boys in the same calendar year! Originally trained to design, build and fit prosthetic limbs, Lauren now channels her energy to educate, empower, and equip mamas to overcome the overwhelm during the newborn season of parenting. Lauren taught her newborn twins to sleep twelve hours a night by the time they were twelve weeks old and created a business and sleep consulting service, the TinyTracker, to help parents do the same. She’s just the right mix of “got-her-ship-together” and “totally winging it” with equal parts advice, encouragement, and raw transparency. She’s always on the hunt for the best gluten free pizza in town and lives for dark chocolate, exercise, her family and lazy days at the beach.
Solve Dessert Problems with Child

Dessert Power Struggles: The Shocking Solution to Ending Them

  "Just three more bites, then you can have a cookie. Finish your green beans, and you can have ice cream. Clean your plate, and you can have cake." If you've ever uttered a derivative...
a toddler holding his finger to his lip to shush while he sits on a bed with a teddy bear and alarm clock

Okay to Wake Alarms and the Three Reasons Your Toddler Needs One

As avid climbers at 15 months, my twin boys, Henry and Walker, gave me a run for my money. Fearing head and neck trauma, I promptly put my little monkeys in crib tents, which...
a cartoon teddy bear floating in a hot air balloon up in the clouds with the words, "Sweet Dreams"

Three Reasons Your Baby is Waking Up Too Early (and How to Fix It!)

Early morning wakings make all parents cringe; learn the three reasons why your baby is waking up too early and how to fix it once and for all! As a parent to little ones, at...
a close up of a woman riding a spinning bike

Peloton is For Every Body (Even if You Don’t Own a Bike)

Last year, I joined a cult, and mentally and physically, I'll never be the same. It's a relatively new phenomenon, or shall I say revolution. I joined Peloton. I'll be the first to admit...

Struggling with Toddler Anxiety? 3 Tools You Need ASAP

  How do you help a toddler with anxiety that doesn't yet have "words"? How do you know what's normal, what's not, and what on earth are you supposed to do (especially as a first-time...

Free Photo Editing for Families Welcoming New Babies during COVID-19

For moms welcoming a new baby under restrictions from COVID-19, having access to free photo editing of their adoption, delivery, or newborn photos is an unexpected blessing.   Social distancing restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic have...
White noise machine, device that produces random sounds used for sleep aid

Why Pink (Noise) is the New White | How Sound Machines Improve Sleep

In a world that never seems to slow it's pace, a solid night of sleep fuels us to keep up. Learning how sound machines improve sleep can be the key to powering through for...
A woman's feet peeking out under a pink blanket at the end of a bed

Worth the Weight? Why Weighted Blankets Improve Sleep

Do weighted blankets actually improve sleep?  There is plenty of research about this relatively new sleep aid, and it's worth hearing.   We all want more of it but can never seem to get enough ......
Toddler climbing out of his crib with one leg over the railing

Crib Tent Controversy: Where One Twin Mom Stands

In slow motion, I watched my fifteen-month-old, Henry, pop his leg onto the railing of the crib, raise his body, and ninja roll into his twin brother’s crib immediately beside his. As he maneuvered...
White, Purple and Gold Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

How Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” Relates to All Moms

The world continues to mourn the sudden passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and seven others following a devastating helicopter crash in late January.  Details about the life and legacy he...