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Kim Brown

two journals with colored pencils laying across the top

My Journey with Journaling : It May Be Messy, But It’s Mine

Journaling can refresh the soul and declutter the mind.     Whether it was in a therapy session, self-help guru’s book, Ted Talk, or over coffee with a friend, we have all heard the words “You should...
a woman sitting on a couch with a bottle of wine and a half empty glass by her feet

Raise a Glass for National Fitness Day

Cheers! It's National Fitness Day.   Today I prioritized my workout because ... self-care, Ladies ... am I right? It is possible that I may be beginning to loathe this term. Can we bury it wherever...
a boy playing with a bucket of Legos outside on the patio

Our Spring Break 2021: Choosing to Go Back to Basics

Spring Break 2020 kicked itself off with canceled flights and suitcases we were too depressed to unpack when we called off our trip to Puerto Rico because of the pandemic. Things were odd, to...

An Unconventional Woman, An Unconventional Love Story

From a wild and free unconventional woman, to a woman who would choose a natural home birth... this Mama is full of surprises!   In my 20s, I made quite a few “I will never” statements....

A Reflection on 2020

Keep your perspective along with your reflection on 2020.   What a dumpster fire this year has been. What a sh**show this year has been.  What a decade this year has been.    These are just a few phrases we...

An Ode to My Neighbors: My Safe Haven in an Uncertain Time

Having good neighbors makes all of the difference. Thank you, Sandy and Carlos …. for allowing our girls to play together during a very scary time. And for never judging me as the windows opened...
a close up of two people holding hands, one is wearing a wedding ring, as they lay in bed together

Let’s Talk About Sex…and the Lies We Need to Stop Telling Ourselves

TRIGGER WARNING: I am about to talk about sex. I know not everyone is comfortable talking about sex. I am. Please proceed with caution.   Something has been on my mind for a while. I feel...

Hey Females…Take Care of Your Head and Your Heart First

For National Women's Health and Fitness Day, I feel confident there will be a great number of podcasts, posts, ads, blogs, microblogs, stories, reels, tiks, toks, grams, and tweets helping us embrace our inner...
a mom giving a sideways glance as she holds her finger to her lips to shush

Mom Truth: I Don’t Like Kids, and I Don’t Want to Play

This mom-truth needs to be heard ... so pay attention. After the collective gasp settles, please stay with me, because I know I am not alone.  Remember the days of being all things to all...
love is freedom written in the sand with a feather

5 Ways to Learn (and Re-Learn) to Love Your Body

There is no magic number on the scale, no perfect amount of lean mass to fat ratio, no perfect dress size that means you are FIT or HEALTHY. When I received the most attention...