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Kelly Glogovac

A St. Louis area transplant of 12 years, Kelly now considers herself at home with her husband and daughter. Having spent time in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and even Orange County, California, throughout her childhood and adolescence, Kelly and her husband are committed to putting down roots in St. Charles, Missouri to raise their (hopefully growing) family. As a full-time working mom, Kelly is focused on navigating the twists and turns of motherhood while still building her career in corporate America. When Kelly finds a spare hour of time to herself, she’s likely doing something active – running, walking, or sweating through a class at Orangetheory Fitness. Or just enjoying a glass of wine!

Pets: Our Babies Before Babies

Fun fact: I have a fear of dogs.  Unexpected twist: I also live with a dog.  I don't know how, when, or where my fear originated. I do know when I was somewhere around 5 years...

Hit Me, Baby, One More Time…And I’ll Send You To Your Room

Only a short 12 months ago, I believed my own lies: My baby will never have a wild streak. My baby will always listen to me.  My baby will never hit me, my husband, the dog, or anything in her...

There Goes the Neighborhood: When Mom and Dad Move to Town

This year will mark a decade of my St. Charles, Missouri residency. Say what you want about The Chuck, but I love it here. I’ve even made my born-and-raised South County husband a convert. In...

Can You Ever Go Back To Life Before Babies?

When people say they don’t remember what life was like before they had kids, I assume they’re suffering from a form of amnesia. Before having my daughter, I enjoyed impromptu after-work happy hours and considered...

Putting My Best Face Forward

I’m the furthest thing from an expert on skin care. My daily skin routine includes washing my face with a cream cleanser in the shower and moisturizing with my tried-and-true Oil of Olay. If...

Why the Grinch Won’t Steal Our Christmas

After a particularly grueling week of work, home, and whatever I could fit in between, I found myself ready to completely check out for the weekend. It was a random Friday afternoon in November...

Hi. I’m Kelly, a burnt-out mom. Anybody else?

The house is a mess. Laundry is piled up on the bedroom floor because time ran out to fold the clean laundry from last weekend. I told myself I’d get to it during the week...

Finding Magic in Unexpected Places

We just took our daughter to Disneyland. It might be too soon for a definite assessment, but it seems all three of us came back without permanent emotional trauma. During this trip, our (once) little...

Five Things I Didn’t Do As a First-Time Mom

This month marks a milestone. My husband and I kept a tiny human alive for one year! 12 months; 365 days. We made it. And while we managed to keep this helpless, adorable, squishy human...

Have Milk, Will Travel

Part of the reality of being a working mom committed to providing breast milk for her baby long after maternity leave ends is making the transition into a pumping mom. This is my reality. Luckily, the...