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Katie Wollenberg

Katie is originally from the South County area of St. Louis. She’s lived in Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas but has always considered the St. Louis area to be home. She now lives in a small town, Hoyleton, IL, about an hour east of St. Louis with her husband, Nate, daughter Zoe, and sons, Zach and Max! When she’s not chasing her kiddos around, she enjoys hanging out with friends, having dance parties in the kitchen, sitting on her porch and sipping on some Diet Coke. Katie records a podcast called Blessed Mess Mom and has her own blog, ablessedmess.net.
The LinkedIn logo on a laptop screen

LinkedIn Recognizes Stay-at-Home Mom as a Job Title

In March of 2021, the social media platform LinkedIn added "Stay-At-Home Mom" as an option for a job title. This was created mostly to help mothers explain a gap in their resume for the...
feet on a scale to gauge weight

5 Things I Will Teach My Daughter about Weight

Weight, our favorite subject— it's a complicated thing for almost all women. Most women, at one point or another, have struggled with their weight. My struggle started when I was 7-years-old. That’s right, SEVEN...

5 Guidelines for Video Games in our Home

Video games are fun and cool when you’re young, but I got to a point in my life that video games became a fear of mine. When I had children, I developed this fear,...
a teddy bear in a sling with bandages sitting on a doctor's table with a stethoscope

Things to Consider When Finding the Right Medical Provider for Your Kids

Finding the right medical provider is not the easiest task in the world, especially when it comes to your kids. Not only do they have to be brilliant and the best, because they will...

A Small Family Christmas: Finding the Silver Lining of Celebrating 2020 Style

COVID restrictions don't have to ruin your holidays. Find the joy of having a small family Christmas in 2020.     COVID has thrown all of us for a loop this year. And now, it is ruining...
a close up of a brother and a sister, forehead to forehead, as they grimace at each other, not learning to get along

Raising My Kids to Get Along – Even When They Disagree

One of the things I say ALL THE TIME to my kids is "get along." A great example of getting along was the late Justice Antonin Scalia and the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg....
a small heart shaped tree growing out of a mound of dirt with the sun shining brightly in the distance

Finding the Good in 2020: Refocusing Your Perspective

This year has carried so much hardship. Finding the good in 2020 helps refocus your mindset toward the beauty in the world.   The year 2020 has been something. There have been a lot of challenges....
a picture of a mom in bed

Bedtime is Exhausting

Bedtime is a time of the day that I look forward to and don’t care for at the same time. Bedtime is exhausting. None of my three children hear the word “bedtime” and say,...

Please, Whatever You Do… Don’t Give Up the Nap!

Is your child refusing to nap? Here are some tips to save nap time and your sanity! We’ve all experienced it. Our sweet 2-year-old will stop napping for one day, and then two, and then...

5 Mom Lessons Learned from the Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has thrown a curveball at moms and changed how we parent. What pandemic lessons have you picked up along the way?   The pandemic has taught us all many things about ourselves and life in...