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Katie Wollenberg

Katie is originally from the South County area of St. Louis. She’s lived in Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas but has always considered the St. Louis area to be home. She now lives in a small town, Hoyleton, IL, about an hour east of St. Louis with her husband, Nate, daughter Zoe, and sons, Zach and Max! When she’s not chasing her kiddos around, she enjoys hanging out with friends, having dance parties in the kitchen, sitting on her porch and sipping on some Diet Coke. Katie records a podcast called Blessed Mess Mom and has her own blog, ablessedmess.net.
two sets of hands reaching across a table to hold each other

Encanto :: A Lesson in Forgiveness

Encanto is a movie with something for everyone!   *****Spoilers Ahead*****   The movie “Encanto” was released on Christmas Eve of 2021. It was an instant hit. It has excellent music and a great message. My daughter had...
four teens sitting in a classroom with their laptops open

Moms of Teens, I Got Your Back.

Moms of teens, you are not alone.   Raising kids is hard. I have three, 7 and under, and sometimes it is the hardest thing I've done just to survive the day. The thing is that...
a woman napping on a cream colored couch, with a line green blanket pulled up over her

New Year, No Goals and Guess What? That’s Just Fine by Me.

What do you think of a new year with no goals or resolutions?   It’s January, the time for everyone to set goals, make plans, feel inspired about the next year in their lives. I am...

Walking our Kids though Death and Grieving

How do kids process death and grieving?   Certain conversations that we have with our children throughout the course of their lives will not be easy. We all know about the birds and the bees conversation...

Beginning Chores with My Kids

Do your kids do chores in your home?   I grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis and Cincinnati. Growing up, I didn’t have chores to do. When my mom asked me to feed the...
a toddler boy wrapped in toilet paper as he sits on the toilet

Waiting it Out … the Potty Edition

Potty training reminds us as parents how little control we actually have.   Waiting is hard for everyone. Teaching our kids to wait is pretty much impossible as we have a hard time waiting as adults. We...

For the Love of the Cardinals

St. Louis is unlike any other city when it comes to baseball. Most major markets like Los Angeles/Anaheim, Chicago, or New York have two teams that split their towns when it comes to fans....
a little girl sitting inside of a suitcase as she packs up for a family vacation

5 Ways to Make Your Vacation with Kids Less Exhausting

As a mom, I dread going on vacation with my kids. I love my kids. I love spending time with them, but taking them on trips is basically torture. Not only do we have...
The LinkedIn logo on a laptop screen

LinkedIn Recognizes Stay-at-Home Mom as a Job Title

In March of 2021, the social media platform LinkedIn added "Stay-At-Home Mom" as an option for a job title. This was created mostly to help mothers explain a gap in their resume for the...
feet on a scale to gauge weight

5 Things I Will Teach My Daughter about Weight

Weight, our favorite subject— it's a complicated thing for almost all women. Most women, at one point or another, have struggled with their weight. My struggle started when I was 7-years-old. That’s right, SEVEN...