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St. Louis

Katie Vondera

Katie is a St. Louis native, coffee lover, and difference maker. She has a passion for teaching at-risk high schoolers how to find joy in reading and writing. She is a divorced mother of two incredibly strong girls who can be found watching The Voice, eating ice cream, and staying up late reading. Katie and her girls love exploring St. Louis-hiking and playing at local parks, getting away to Pere Marquette, breakfasting at Strange Donuts or The Barn, and learning at all of the museums.

Simplifying My Life, One Craft Project At A Time

It is a universally acknowledged truth that for younger siblings, nothing is ever fair. This becomes even more pronounced when the siblings are fewer than 18 months apart and are both girls. Why does...

To the Parent Doing it All This Father’s Day

Growing up, there was never a year I didn’t give my dad a Father's Day card. When I was really little, I’d make it out of construction paper and crayons. Later, I loved picking...