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Katie Vondera

Katie is a St. Louis native, coffee lover, and difference maker. She has a passion for teaching at-risk high schoolers how to find joy in reading and writing. She is a divorced mother of two incredibly strong girls who can be found watching The Voice, eating ice cream, and staying up late reading. Katie and her girls love exploring St. Louis-hiking and playing at local parks, getting away to Pere Marquette, breakfasting at Strange Donuts or The Barn, and learning at all of the museums.
Bowls of pancake batter in four colors: green, orange, blue, and pruple.

Less-Than-a-Dollar Moments: 7 Ideas for Everyday Memories

The most precious memories are often the everyday memories of simple traditions that we do with our children. It's not about the money that we spend so much as it is about the time...

To My Galentines: It’s Not a Competition, It’s a Celebration

I met a woman the other day, and she was awesome. At first, I was jealous; all I could see was how cute and strong and badass she was.  We may have the single...

My Christmas Break Resolution

Twinkling lights, peppermint candy, hot cocoa, caroling. . . does life get any better than all of that? You can feel the joy as the most wonderful time of the year is upon us,...

The Bedtime Routine: This Mama’s Free For All

When my kids were little and I read all of the books that told me Very Important Things about Getting Children to Sleep, I tried to implement the recommended “Bath-Brush Teeth-Books-Bed”  routine. After all,...

Dyeing To Be Bold: Why I Let My Kids Color Their Hair

Did you know that people are still doing that mom-shaming thing? Just the other day my dear, sweet, friend Jessica Simpson was blasted on Instagram for one of her mom choices. No, it wasn’t...

Squeezing in Relaxation Where You Can

I couldn't believe it. My body was relaxing. I was tense the whole drive there as my schedule of kids' activities raced through my head and my actual kids talked incessantly in the back...

On the Edge: Momming Through Depression

Let’s get real here. Being human is hard. Being a mom or a dad is hard. And we all face a variety of challenges on top of the general work/life balance game. Chronic illness,...

This Is Why We Can’t Go To Nice Restaurants

You would think I’m about to complain about how whiny my kids are in public. Or how they are so picky we can only go to Pasta House. Or how they don’t know the...

Let’s Go to the Cabin | Pere Marquette State Park

"Mommy, when are we going to the cabin?" These words are music to my ears as they evoke memories of a slower time in our lives that we carve out each year. No, we do...

In Defense of Teenagers, and In Praise of Their Parents

Teenagers these days! Am I right? If ever there was a more timeless phrase, I have yet to hear it. All they want to do is learn dances from Fortnite and post on Twitterbook and use...