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Katie Mueth

Katie is a Des Peres mom of two young boys, Trace (2014) and Henry (2016). Katie stays home with her boys most of the time but also spends a bit of time away as a high school lacrosse coach. Katie enjoys connecting with other moms to run, meet at parks, explore new restaurants, listen to live music and discuss books. Katie and her boys can be found enjoying many activities around St. Louis including the Science Center, Zoo, Magic House, Museum of Transportation, Urban Fort and Frisco Train Store, but what they enjoy most is just being outdoors. They have tried many of the parks around St. Louis City and county and also love hiking trails at Laumeier Sculpture Park, Powder Valley and Shaw Nature Reserve. Katie and her family love all that St. Louis has to offer for families of young children and can most often be found taking advantage of all of the many opportunities.

Rethink the Happy Hour

Family dinners at a restaurant can often be a dreaded activity for parents. After our {very busy} son was born we felt the pull to continue to take the opportunity to dine out. We enjoy...

Creating Fond Memories with Family Traditions

Family traditions reveal what we value enough to repeat, and - if done with love- build warm, happy associations. -Daniel Willingham Traditions were a staple in my large family growing up. With a family of...

Take the Trip

Traveling with little ones is not for the faint at heart. Someone once told me to always think of it as a trip rather than a vacation and I now hold those words true...

You’ve Got This Mama, It’s Just a Stage

It's just a stage they told me as my sweet newborn baby cried every time I tried to put him down. I'd rock him to sleep, walk in slow motion across his room, then...

The Best (and Cheapest!) Way to Enjoy Spring in St. Louis

We made it. Winter has finally released its grip on St. Louis and spring has started to take hold. The gloriousness of longer days, abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures are upon us. For my...

Momming in the Day of Rampant Food Allergies-Whether Your Kid Has One or Not

I always felt like I dodged a bullet with my boys' allergies. I found out about each of their allergies when they were nine months old. My older son developed a rash around his...

Be the Good: How I Want to be More Like My Mother

Five years ago today I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with my mom. While that in and of itself is pretty cool, when the image of our walk popped up on my timehop it...

How Mama Got Her Life Back

If there's anything I've been certain of my whole life, it's that I wanted to be a mother one day. As the youngest of six kids, I grew up coddled and taken care of...

Losing My Parents: How Being A Mom Helped Me Grieve

"I went to the ER tonight. They found a mass and they think it's cancer." I read the text from my dad and immediately the lump caught in my throat and stuck there. I...

Sick Day Sanity-Saving Guide for Mom

The crisp fall air has started to take hold and the leaves have finally started to change. Fall seemed to take it's time in St. Louis this year, but once it was ready it...