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Katie Mueth

Katie Mueth
Katie is a Des Peres mom of two young boys, Trace (2014) and Henry (2016). Katie stays home with her boys most of the time but also spends a bit of time away as a high school lacrosse coach. Katie enjoys connecting with other moms to run, meet at parks, explore new restaurants, listen to live music and discuss books. Katie and her boys can be found enjoying many activities around St. Louis including the Science Center, Zoo, Magic House, Museum of Transportation, Urban Fort and Frisco Train Store, but what they enjoy most is just being outdoors. They have tried many of the parks around St. Louis City and county and also love hiking trails at Laumeier Sculpture Park, Powder Valley and Shaw Nature Reserve. Katie and her family love all that St. Louis has to offer for families of young children and can most often be found taking advantage of all of the many opportunities.
a fireplace with painted gray tile and white grout

Fireplace Facelift: A Boredom Inspired Home Update

Boredom sparks a fun fireplace facelift!   While everyone would quickly agree that 2020 has taken a lot away from us, we could also probably agree that 2020 has provided opportunities we could not have anticipated a...
two little girls, bundled up in coats and hats as they squat down on a sidewalk to look at something on the ground

Get Prepared and Get Outside this Whole Winter Season!

This past weekend there were highs in the fifties, and the sun was shining. Outside time was plentiful and enjoyable. We soaked in all the moments enjoying time playing in the woods, taking a...
a silver lining as the sun breaks through the dark clouds and shoots rays across the sky

Seeking out Silver Linings: Focusing on the Gifts of 2020

When things look their bleakest, seeking out silver linings can restore hope.   We get it. 2020 has been bad. Really bad.   As a mom, this year has tested me to my limit. As a spouse, it’s shown...
a mom sitting on a blanket in the grass scrolling through her phone

I See You, Moms, Remember … This, Too, Shall Pass

We may feel so alone as we struggle through the virtual learning phase of the pandemic, but I see you, Moms, doing the best that you can. It's 11:20, and our next zoom meeting starts...

He’s Ready, But Am I?: Off to Kindergarten During a Global Pandemic

It's almost Fall 2020, and my oldest is going to kindergarten. I am feeling all of the emotions. I've been excited for him and eager to see how he will excel in this new...

Facing my Fears in Quarantine While Serving the Peanuts

The hardest and best decision I made during quarantine was to "keep serving the peanuts." Early on in the stay-at-home order, I began listening to Glennon Doyle's Untamed. She tells the story of a difficult...

Seeing My Mom in a New Light as a Grandma : A Journey to...

The whimsy and wonder of motherhood multiply when your mom becomes a grandma. It happens in an instant, leaving you both forever changed.   My induction date was set, and I began to prepare to bring my...

Our Bucket List of Memories While Social Distancing

When things feel out of control, often the best recourse is to make a plan as Katie has done with her bucket list for social distancing.   When I first heard about COVID-19 in the United...
A mom taking a hike with her two boys as she holds their hands by a cliff.

How and Where to Hike in St. Louis With Your Kids

Enjoy this helpful guide to some of the best kid-friendly hikes in the St. Louis area!   One of the greatest desires I have for my boys is that they have a genuine love of nature...
stay-at-home mom holding her newborn baby

Finding Myself as a Stay-at-Home Mom was an Unexpected Gift

Often I run in silence. I let the miles slip by as I take in the houses, businesses, and landscape around me. I let my thoughts go wherever they may. It's truly the most precious "me...