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Jessie Austermann

Jessie is mama to two boys and a girl (Carter, Hudson and Remy) and wife to Greg. If they aren’t spending time in their backyard swimming, you can find Jessie and her crew hitting up local restaurants or at their all-time favorite STL spot, Grant’s Farm! Jessie spends her time working full time in Human Resources, and being on the board of her kids PTO!

10 Mom-Approved Swimsuit Cover-Ups (that you can PRIME!)

When the clock strikes May, you can find me at the pool. A great swimsuit cover up is basically my everyday uniform during the summer months. I need something that looks good but is...

Yesterday, I Was A Bad Mom.

I will keep this article short and sweet. Yesterday, I was a bad mom (and not like the funny ones in the movie "Bad Moms"). This past week was hard. Traveling, solo parenting (while...

Top 10: Items to Help Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

The weather is warming up and YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Just kidding, you have stuff….but your closet needs a bit of a refresh. Fear not, I have rounded up my top 10 wardrobe...

Boo: You’ve Been Ghosted

Hello fellow mom. Are you busy? Me too. Do things come up out of nowhere for you? Me too. Do you make commitments that you wish you wouldn’t have? ME TOO. Life is insane...

Mini Valentine’s Day Guide

Tis the season for everyone's favorite "Hallmark Holiday"! The month of hearts, love, and lots of sweets. In an effort to keep you festive (and busy) in February, I've put together a "Mini Valentine's...

Winter Blues? Not this Year, Mama!

Oh St. Louis ... how I love you but also struggle with the dreary weather and frigid temps during the winter (and early spring!) It's dark when I get up and it's dark when...

Top 10 Teacher Gifts for the Holidays

Every year around this time, I put out a cry for help/ideas via Facebook. It usually goes something like this, "FRIENDS! WHAT DO I GET FOR MY KIDS TEACHERS FOR THE HOLIDAYS!" And there...

Tips for Success: Taking the Stress Out of Family Photos

Tis the season for family pictures! You know, the most stressful hour of your life while you try to get everyone to smile at the camera at the same time. Someone is always hungry,...

Mom Style Spotlight: Maternity Clothes and Where to Shop

I remember getting pregnant with my first son and thinking...how am I supposed to make this bump look good? Where do I even buy maternity clothes? After doing some research (note: shopping is my...

Top 10: Go-To Gifts for New Mamas!

YAY! Your bestie had a new baby. Oh no...WHAT TO GET A NEW MOM?! They have already had 2-3 baby showers, everything is gone from the registry , you want to meet this new...