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Jennedy L

Jennedy grew up in West County, attended Mizzou and now works as a full-time School Counselor. At home, her life moves along at quick pace to a lovely soundtrack of music provided by her husband, Kyle, who is a classical musician and two young sons. When time allows, Jennedy loves a project- whether it be tiling a bathroom, decorating, gardening, meal planning, learning to sew or finding new and efficient ways to manage her household. Jennedy is hoping to figure out the magic formula of work, life and self-care balance. She’ll be sure to write about it right here when she does.

24 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  So if you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with your Elf. If you’ve decided to do this tradition in your home - here are some EASY ideas that you can execute...

The School Counselor: When You’re Worried About Your Kid at School

'Where to Start if You’re Worried About Your Kid at School’ originally ran in August, 2019.     August signals an abrupt end to summer and includes the excitement for a new school year. Buying new outfits,...

College Planning for High School Students: Make the Most of the Process

This College Planning post originally ran in November, 2020.   College Planning is one of those things that always seems so far off, and then all of a sudden ... you’re in it! There is a...
a black and white sketch of a neighborhood street with green trees in the background, and the title, "Living in the Lou, a neighborhood series: Creve Coeur"

Living in the Lou: A Take on Creve Coeur by Angela and Jennedy

Angela Baker and Jennedy Lombard, who both call Creve Coeur home, co-wrote this post.   Angela: When I moved to the Creve Coeur area (10 years ago this month actually), I was looking for an affordable...
a close up of a lemon wedge in sparkling water

Recommendations (and a Recipe!) from a Sparkling Water Enthusiast

I cannot get enough of sparkling water. It’s refreshing, bubbly, and guilt-free! It’s a great after lunch digestive and a stellar mixer for late-night drinks. What did we even drink five years ago!?  If you're...

In Celebration of Black Fathers

Our country is in the middle of an unprecedented uprising against systematic & institutionalized racism that has repeatedly suppressed the voices and humanity of people of color, especially Black men. Now more than...
three male friends drinking beer and watching sports on the couch together as they cheer

At Long Last! We Have a Marriage Without Sports!

Sports have taken a time-out due to COVID-19 and it's impacting fans, and non-fans, alike. These are the sounds and rhythms of our nights and weekends that I've fully accepted, and my husband is currently...

STLMB Perspectives: Magical Holiday Traditions – We Go ALL IN

As I write this, the trees are up, the lights are shining inside and out and I’m plotting for a little shopping on Cyber Monday. There is something about the holidays that makes me...

Creating a No-Fuss & Family Friendly Football Tailgate Party!

Everything I know about tailgating I learned in college. That was an amazing few years of being able to drop everything on a Saturday and gather with friends over a great spread of food,...

What’s Your Fall Decor Type?

No matter your type, there is always a new idea to spruce up your home for fall! Which type are you?! It depends on the year for me. But hopefully these tips will help...