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Tower Grove Park: Our Family’s Local Treasure

“Mooooooom? Can we go to the park today? Pleeeeaaassseee?” The question does not surprise me. It's a perfect day to load up the stroller and spend the afternoon outside. Five minutes and one stoplight later, we...

Moms in the Lou: A Mom Around Town

We're excited to welcome Samantha Barkley from A Mom Around Town to the blog today! Recently, I saw a video of a friend’s little boy (just a few months older than my own) doing emotion...

Ideas for Spooktacular Halloween Costumes

My birthday is the day before Halloween and while I love to decorate and dress up, I’m kind of a scaredy cat.  Last year my one year old was a cute little Elmo!  We...

Be That Friend: Supporting a Friend Who Has Suffered a Pregnancy or Infant Loss

I have had four pregnancies.   I have delivered three babies.    I have two daughters at home.    I am part of one “club” for which no mother volunteers - Pregnancy and Infant Loss.   Madeline is our oldest. She is...

Moms in the Lou: The Babbling Blondes

Hi Moms of STL! We are so excited to be featured on St. Louis Moms Blog! You gals, STL women, are the main reason we started our blog. So let’s take a quick step back...

Four Unavoidable Postpartum Facts

One of the coolest parts of motherhood is observing the changes that happen in your child as s/he grows. But guess who else is changing? You. Countless transitions occur in your own body as...

Real Fatherhood Requires Real Sacrifice

We’ve been told a lie that romance is only giant gestures: flash mobs, rooms full of flowers, chaotic dashes through airports hoping to catch a plane before they can leave you forever. But when...

3 Tips for Helping Kids Build Healthy Eating Habits

As moms, it can be overwhelming and exhausting thinking about healthy meals for kids. We wonder: Is this good for them? Will they like it? What if they hate it?  Some parents are fortunate and...

You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling :: When Marital Intimacy Fizzles

Alright mama, pull up a chair. It's time for a heart-to-heart. I've been having the same conversation with many of my mama friends recently, so I've decided to send my thoughts out into the...

How Physical Therapy Reduces Pregnancy & Postpartum Pain

  Make no doubt about it: pregnancy is a life and body-altering experience. Your body goes through so many changes to accommodate your growing baby. These changes often come with some unpleasant aches and pains...