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A child and a teacher in a preschool classroom, sitting at a table as they play with blocks

How to Encourage Creativity and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children

This post is sponsored by our partner Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool.   Creativity comes naturally to most children. It is easy for adults to view a child’s creativity as simple play, but the benefits go...
A mom and her daughter smile as they work on a laptop, researching the Enneagram

The Enneagram and Parenting: A Guide for Cultivating Your Type

As a speaker, writer, and Certified Enneagram coach, Jenn Whitmer understands how who we are affects our parenting. Discover the gifts and cautions of each type.   Parenting is being pecked to death by chickens. Mostly...
smiling woman working at her desk with open laptop

This Working Mom is Guilt Free and Full of Ambition

A virtual friend's status popped up one day on my Facebook news feed, “Does working mom guilt ever get easier?". I scrolled through the comments where other women were chiming in, “nope, it doesn’t”...

Moms in the Lou: Welcome, Jill Devine!

  Welcome, Jill Devine! This mom of two girls, and a well-known radio personality, is featured as our next Mom in the Lou! Where are you from? If STL, where did you go to high school?  Born and...

When Families Don’t “Match”: Teaching Our Kids that Different is Beautiful

Kids are so impressionable, curious, optimistic. “Intrusive” questions and stares mortify parents but with proactive conversation and patient responses to innocent inquiries, our kids can have all the resources they need to be kind,...

Tower Grove Park: Our Family’s Local Treasure

“Mooooooom? Can we go to the park today? Pleeeeaaassseee?” The question does not surprise me. It's a perfect day to load up the stroller and spend the afternoon outside. Five minutes and one stoplight later, we...

Moms in the Lou: A Mom Around Town

We're excited to welcome Samantha Barkley from A Mom Around Town to the blog today! Recently, I saw a video of a friend’s little boy (just a few months older than my own) doing emotion...

Ideas for Spooktacular Halloween Costumes

My birthday is the day before Halloween and while I love to decorate and dress up, I’m kind of a scaredy cat.  Last year my one year old was a cute little Elmo!  We...

Be That Friend: Supporting a Friend Who Has Suffered a Pregnancy or Infant Loss

I have had four pregnancies.   I have delivered three babies.    I have two daughters at home.    I am part of one “club” for which no mother volunteers - Pregnancy and Infant Loss.   Madeline is our oldest. She is...

Moms in the Lou: The Babbling Blondes

Hi Moms of STL! We are so excited to be featured on St. Louis Moms Blog! You gals, STL women, are the main reason we started our blog. So let’s take a quick step back...