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students at Rohan Woods School in St. Louis working on a project approach lesson on their laptops

Rohan Woods: Embracing a Project Approach to Education

  St. Louis is rich with educational opportunities. When choosing schools, parents have their own unique considerations that lead them to choose one school over another. Rohan Woods believes children are the heart of their...

RSV: A Mom’s Need-to-Know Guide

  In the last few months, we at Esse Health Pediatrics practice here in the St. Louis area have seen an uptick in the number of reported cases of RSV in children. RSV, also known as...

The Value of Choosing an Accredited Early Learning Program

Physicians are board certified. Attorneys pass the bar exam. Primary and Secondary school teachers are certified. In early childhood education, the demonstration of these important credentials is NAEYC Accreditation. Kiddie Academy is among only...
women in cultural holiday dress with flowers in their hair at Winter Celebrations at the St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum Presents Winter Celebrations 2022

  Winter Celebrations 2022 Saint Louis Art Museum One Fine Arts Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110 Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11, 2022 10 am - 4 pm Free! No tickets or reservations are required.     Celebrate the richness of the...
two people clinking Snute glasses

3 Reasons You Need a Snute in Your Life 

Hydration is a necessary part of life. We all drink something every day, so why not grab a drink the right way? Here are 3 reasons why Snute Drinkware is the only way to...
a woman wrapping holiday gifts with her head down on the table in overwhelm

4 Steps to Holiday Self-Care (Bubble Baths Not Included)

Holiday self-care doesn’t look like you think it does.    It’s almost cringe-worthy at this point to tell a mom to “practice self-care.” But we really need to redefine what self-care even means. Bubble baths? Don’t...
a girl creating at The Magic House, MADE for Kids in St. Louis

The Magic House, MADE for Kids

  Hi, I’m Erica, a mom of three daughters who also has the privilege of working with children and families as both a Family Therapist and Director of Community Engagement/Executive Director of The Magic House,...
a woman wearing a “mental health matters” t-shirt

Maintaining Magic and Mental Health During the Holiday Season

Balancing magic and mental health during the holidays is key.   Welp, the kids have long since returned to school. I don’t know about other mommas, but once the school year hits, I find myself entering...
a field of sunflowers in the fall sunl

Mom Guilt: Fall Edition

Nothing ushers in mom guilt like a fresh season of activities.      Apple orchards. Pumpkin patches. Sunflower fields. Corn mazes. So many fall family activities taking over your social media. Hope you invested in matching plaid...
a black and white photo of a newborn baby swaddled up and sleeping with a smile on his face

4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

This post is sponsored by Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting.   One of the most common questions new parents, or second- or third-time parents, have is how to encourage their baby to sleep through the night.   You may...