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Graham Behnke

Graham is a mom of four young children here and one in heaven. She is the Director of Redemption Kids at Redemption Community Church in Kirkwood. She loves spending time with her neighbors and connecting with other moms. As a mom who has faced the loss of a child, she feels a special call to use this platform to give loss moms a voice. You can read more from Graham on her blog at grahambehnke.com.

Feed the Mommies! Inspiration for Bringing a Meal to a New Mom

There are two new babies in my neighborhood, which means I get to do one of my FAVORITE things! I get to bring the mommy a meal and see her sweet newborn in his...

Laying Bricks of Hope

When my son died in July 2016, a close friend asked me, "Do you know anyone who has lost a child?" The answer was one.  I knew one person.  Soon after, I received a...

On Becoming A Side Gig Mom

I remember one day, while scrolling through Facebook, I read a post about "working from my phone." It said, you're on Facebook anyways, why not make your time more purposeful? Hmmm....interesting idea. The seed...

Moms of Summer: I See You

Summer vacation. We are in the thick of it and yet, as a family we are taking a year off from traveling because it is a baby year. We have learned along the way...

Loving a Child in Heaven

July is bereaved parents month.  It is also the month when we met and lost our son Joey. Joey was born on July 7, 2016. We had no indications throughout my pregnancy or when...

Finding A New Dream in Motherhood

I'm a sucker for a good Disney Movie and last fall the stage was set for binge watching princess movies to my heart's delight.  My daughter was three and a half - the perfect...