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Graham Behnke

Graham is a mom of four young children here and one in heaven. She is the Director of Redemption Kids at Redemption Community Church in Kirkwood. She loves spending time with her neighbors and connecting with other moms. As a mom who has faced the loss of a child, she feels a special call to use this platform to give loss moms a voice. You can read more from Graham on her blog at grahambehnke.com.

Walking Through Loss with Catherine Cares

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  It is a time to remember those sweet babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.  I fit into that last category, early infant death. ...

An interview about St. Louis City MOPS

This month for my blog post I was able to meet up with my friend CJ to learn about St. Louis City MOPS.  I’m so excited to pass this interview on to our St. Louis...

Traffic Light Breakfast

We are always looking to improve our eating habits over here and we recently came across a resource from Dr. Sears that made it click for my kids so I thought I would pass...

Go To The Beach Without Leaving St. Louis

  I remember it like it was last week. My husband and I were relaxing with our feet in the sand watching our kids dig and build sand castles. The balmy breeze was blowing and...

Surviving the Fire, My Mom and Notre Dame

When the Notre Dame Cathedral began to burn a few weeks ago, I was transported back in time thirty years ago to the summer after sixth grade. My grandparents took me on the trip...

I Thought I Was Exhausted Because I Was A Mom….That Wasn’t It

I'm just your average mom. My undergrad is in music and my graduate degree is in Bible. I have never really studied nutrition or paid much attention to it.  However, after discovering how good...

The “Yes” I Never Used to Say

I got an email last fall.  My friend Julie was starting a Cabi business and invited me to a "fashion experience". I had never been to a trunk show or really any kind of...

My BEST Childbirth Choice

Five babies later, my childbirth days are behind me so I have that 20/20 perspective that only hindsight can offer.  I have learned SO much along the way.  After my first baby was born...

Leaving the Baby Years Behind: New Habits for a New Chapter of Life

I am in a new season of life. I have been either pregnant or nursing for the past ten years with just a few months in between.     It hasn't been easy. We had two miscarriages...

Mama: Are You Hurting this Holiday Season? I Wrote this For You.

Holidays are intense. The word 'holiday' actually means "holy day." These are days and seasons where we encounter the sacredness of life no matter what we believe about God. It is a time of...