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Graham Behnke

Graham is a mom of four young children here and one in heaven. She is the Director of Redemption Kids at Redemption Community Church in Kirkwood. She loves spending time with her neighbors and connecting with other moms. As a mom who has faced the loss of a child, she feels a special call to use this platform to give loss moms a voice. You can read more from Graham on her blog at grahambehnke.com.

Mama, Are You Hurting this Holiday Season?

If you’re hurting this holiday season, you aren’t alone.    Holidays are intense. The word 'holiday' actually means "holy day." These are days and seasons where we encounter the sacredness of life no matter what we...

Infant Loss Awareness Month: Can My Baby Help You Remember Yours?

  I remember when I had my first miscarriage in 2008.  I was six weeks along when I miscarried our first baby in our bathroom shower. There was a lot of blood and pain.  I...
disposable masks on a tabletop symbolizing the need for masks for back-to-school

Back-To-School: Masking our Reality

Back-to-school this fall has been a doozy for sure. We all waited anxiously in July for schools to reveal their plans. One at a time, school districts in my area announced that they would...

A Mommy’s Helper to Break Up the Boredom for You and Your Kids

During this crazy summer of COVID, a mommy's helper may just be the perfect way to break up your days.   Quarantine/COVID life has turned our summer upside down.  We usually have a great line up...

A Mother Reacts to George Floyd: Reacting with Action

The death of George Floyd has rocked me to the core. For the first few days, I saw the images popping up on my news feed, and they were so shocking to me that...
a black and white photo of two open hands cupped together, symbolizing the acceptance of fear in motherhood

Facing Fear in Motherhood – What COVID-19 is Asking Us All 

At times, we are asked to face fear in motherhood. When we do, we open our hearts to our purpose.   I was sitting in my bed, trying to make sense of what just happened.  My...
a blonde girl sharing orange juice with two straws with her blonde brother while eating muffins and strawberries

Four Kids and Lice: Our QuaranTEAM Journey Thus Far

When faced with a pandemic and a Stay-at-Home order, neither rain, nor lice, nor homeschooling can bring down the mighty QuaranTEAM.   I'm a stay at home mom with four children, ages 2,6,8 and 10. Our spring...
a mother and father gaze down at their newborn son

PTSD in Motherhood: the Signs, the Symptoms, and the Hope

Can events in motherhood cause Post Traumatic Stress or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?  It seems extreme, right?  I mean Post Traumatic Stress is what soldiers face on the battlefield.  I’d hate to bring disrespect...
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STLMB Perspectives: Why I Chose to Exclusively Breastfeed

My friend wanted to meet for coffee next week, and I asked if Chick-fil-A was ok so that my two-year-old could hang in the play area. "Sorry," I said, "I'm 43 and still in...

The Magic of Christmas

For the last decade, my husband and I have had the joy of conveying the wonder and magic of Christmas to our four children. You may notice a bit of a shift from your...