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Erin Martin

Hi y'all! I am a full-time working mom of 2 beautiful girls, 8 year old Eleanor and 3 year old Violet. I have been married to my husband for 10 years, going on 11. I am not just a regular mom, I have the privilege of being a medical mama for my 3 year old. I am a lover of coffee, wine, tacos, margaritas, chocolate, Chris Stapleton and so many other things I can't even begin to list them all. Outside of my family, my main passion in life is connecting with other medical mamas and supporting them throughout their journey. In addition, we do all we can to support our local hospital (Mercy Children's) and our non-local hospital (Cincinnati Children's) through toy drives and supply drives for Ronald McDonald House.
a watercolor sketch of a woman holding Mercury retrograde

Blame it on … The Retrograde

Why should you care about Mercury in Retrograde? It may explain a thing or two!   If you feel like your kids have been abnormally difficult or emotional lately, you’re not alone. Many people are directly...
a woman with post it note reminders all over her face to symbolize overcommitment

Confessions of a “Yes” Mom : A Story of Overcommitment

Often, the word “mom” is synonymous with “overcommitment."   My calendar gets a little bit fuller each day. Appointments, meetings, events, and work shifts are appearing at a record pace. Is this part of the kids...
a girl swimming in a race

The Summer of Swim Team and Sportsmanship

One of the most important things for an athlete to learn is the value of good sportsmanship.   This summer, we were determined to help our daughter, Ellie, find "her thing." She needed to find something...
a girl sitting on the counter as she holds a spoon, dripping batter, over a bowl

No Picky Eaters Allowed: My Quest to Raise Foodies

Got any picky eaters in your house? Turn them into foodies with these tips!   Let me start with a disclaimer: I'm not here to judge or shame you. This is simply how I choose to...

You May Not Be Able to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, but What...

This "old" mom is looking to learn some new tricks!   As a woman of a certain age, let's just say not quite 40, there are certain things that I have discovered that I have never...
a globe surrounded by the coronavirus conveying the worldwide pandemic

Pandemiversary: A Look Back at the Year of the Pandemic

March marks the one year anniversary of our response to COVID; our Pandemiversary.   Time flies when you're having fun, right? That is not exactly the phrase I would use to describe the past year. March...
a cluster of vanilla beans with a vanilla flower on top on a marble tabletop

Vanilla … May Not be so Vanilla After All

Vanilla ice cream, vanilla candles, vanilla lotion, Vanilla Ice...no, I'm not reenacting the shrimp scene from Forrest Gump. So, stop, collaborate and listen because I'm about to blow your mind. Besides baking and creating...
a hockey stick and puck on ice

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Bleed Blue Edition

I tricked you. You thought we were going to talk about Christmas didn't you? Sorry to disappoint, but I'm ready to pack away the jingle bells and start celebrating the next holiday. Nope, not...
five birthday cupcakes with colorful wrappers and bright colored icing with lit candles on top against a pink background

Dear Violet: A Letter for Your 5th Birthday

  To my dear Violet Faith, on your 5th birthday,   To say the past five years have been a wild ride would be an understatement. From the moment science confirmed you were joining this world, you...
a young boy flexing his muscle as he looks into a mirror

The Body Image Lesson My Girls Never Asked For

Has the topic of body image been raised in your home? Start the conversation if you haven't already.   "You're fat!" my 4-year-old screamed at her 9-year-old sister in the midst of a heated sisterly argument....